Prenatal Fitness – Dr. Karen Nordahl, MD and Carl Petersen, Physical Therapist
Q: What can or should I be doing for physical exercise in the third trimester?

A: You are more than half way there now and hopefully all is going well. You should try to be consistent with your workouts and try and keep up both the frequency and intensity. Listen to your body very closely during this trimester to avoid turning minor aches and pains into injuries. Since it is much easier to overheat in the third trimester, ensure proper exercise environment, clothing and hydration. Again you should not be exercising on your back for more than 30secs. Continuing to exercise throughout your pregnancy will give you the strength and stamina you need for delivery, caring for your newborn and carrying out your normal activities of daily and nightly living.
Remember as always don’t overheat, don’t get exhausted or overtired, don’t dehydrate, and don’t over train.