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Running is one of my passions but when aches and pains take over, that joy can quickly diminish. In general, this type of exercise is my escape from a place that can sometimes be chaotic. As a wife, the mom of two girls, a small business owner and blogger, life can be hectic! But when my feet hit the ground for a run, I release all the worries and my day makes sense. What happens, however, when every time one foot hits the ground the pain intensifies?

I’ve never been a girl to sit still; I always have my hand in a different pot! ‘Slow down’ and ‘sit still’ are simply not in my vocabulary. When I trained for my first 10 km run, I took it very seriously. I committed to running 5 days a week. When it rained, I put on a coat and got it done. If I simply didn’t feel like it, I pulled up my socks and pushed harder. When the pain from inflammation was too much, I took MOTRIN® Platinum Muscle & Body and ran through my lessened pain!

Ever since I was a young girl, sports were my go-to. When people told me I was too small or not strong enough, I tried harder. I had brothers who taught me that giving up was something we didn’t do! I earned every sports position that I wanted because I pushed. After years 10 years of athletics, my feet suffered immensely. I had my feet examined by a podiatrist who had explained rubbing tendons in my feet were causing the inflammation and pain. There was an exact term for this but I was young and invincible and like other invincible young people, I didn’t listen. He advised I try some ibuprofen – such as MOTRIN® Liquid Gels – when the pain from inflammation became unbearable and to stop wearing flip-flops. Wisely, he instructed me to “be kind to my feet, for they are the only feet you will ever have!”

For the most part, my stubbornness took over and I ignored the pain. However, after having two children, ignorance is not something I have time for. My kids need me to take care of myself. I traded in my flip-flops for practical shoes and I now train responsibly.

I began researching different methods to cope with pain from inflammation in my feet and legs. Learning that taking an over-the-counter medication such as MOTRIN® Platinum Muscle & Body, along with a few repetitions with my foam roller and a thorough stretch, my body recovers much more quickly. I also try to drink plenty of water and wear proper shoes. All of these tools will propel me the distance I need to go in the upcoming Color Me Rad Race in North Vancouver on June 18th. After the run, I’ll be looking for the MOTRIN® Recovery Zone after the race in order to sign up for a MOTRIN® Liquid Gel trial offer. If you’re there that day, be sure to look for the Recovery Zone so we can congratulate each other!

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This post has been generously sponsored by the makers of MOTRIN® Liquid Gels but the opinions expressed are my own.

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Janette Shearer is a Vancouver based mommy blogger formerly known as Vancity Mommy D, now blogging at Ava to Zoe, giving you a safe place to embrace everything that is Mom Life, the good, the bad and the Crazy!