To my oldest son,

I see you. I really see you.  You are a deep thinker with a compassionate heart.  You are a perfect old soul with wisdom beyond your years. When I speak to you I no longer see the child you were, but the man you will become.  It frightens me a little, because soon you will make your own choices and I will have little say in them.  So forgive me while I cling a little longer.  Placate me when I need giant squeeze hugs and time spent together.  I will always need your love and in turn will always give my love back unconditionally.

The road of life has not always been easy for you. People tend to judge you unfairly because you think differently and choose not to follow the crowd.  The truth is you don’t like crowds’ period.  They make you uncomfortable, mentally, emotionally and sometimes even physically.  Please do not think I don’t see your discomfort.  I can’t always take that feeling away, but I can help you cope with it.  I will always have a shoulder to for you to unburden yourself upon.  My arms are always open and my ears will always listen with rapt attention.

Know this, the difference that separate you from your peers today, will make you an adult with unique gifts to bestow upon the world tomorrow.  Please never try to change who you are to fit in with others.  Always be true to yourself and love yourself as you are.  Show every person you meet your amazing self and if they are meant to be in your life they will accept you.  If they do not, MOVE ON.  There are billions of people on this great earth.  I think the odds are in your favor to find many people who will understand and love you like I do throughout your life.

Use your intelligent mind and gentle heart to guide you when making choices in your life.  Trust in yourself, trust your instincts. There will come a time when you don’t know what path to take.  There is no shame in asking others for help.  Everyone needs help at some point in their life.  I like to think of it as using your resources.

Never forget you are one of the greatest blessings in my life and that you will be a blessing to many others.  The gifts of kindness and love will bring you happiness.  My hope for you is to always be happy and loved wherever your life leads you!

Love always,


P.S. I love every inch of you.  From your feet that are too big for your body.  To your thick wavy dark hair.

Previously published at #lifewithboys.

Lyndee Brown is a mother to two amusing, wonderful and active boys. She has been with her husband Matt for 18 years. Her hobbies include being fluent in sarcasm and burning anything she cooks. She has a bachelor’s of science degree and works as a Respiratory Therapist during the day. At night she moonlights as Superwoman and blogs at #lifewithboys. Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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