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The proper nutrition and the right diet are key to having a good supply of nourishing milk.  Nursing is no time to diet or skimp on nutrients. Eat plenty health-promoting fats from foods like free range eggs, organic whipping cream, organic butter & avocado as breast milk is largely composed of fat. Our nursing omelet is a perfect way to tick all of the boxes.

Here is breakfast recipe that will nourish you and your baby with healthy fats, proteins and nutrients that you require.

Nursing Omelet

How to Make an Omelet that’s great for Nursing Moms

The key to a great omelette (omelet) is that you use a non-stick skillet. You want to avoid oil if you can. The mistake I tend to make (it smells so good!) is to flip too early. This means that the crust doesn’t form and it ends up looking like a huge mess. If you are like me, there are more sophisticated electric omelet makers that also double for pizza-pocket creators!

This recipe was originally gifted by a wonderful midwife and registered nutrition consultant practitioner at Pomegranate Midwives.  I have adapted it slightly, and can’t wait for you to try! Also, don’t miss our incredible quinoa turkey meatballs, and matcha kale power smoothie!

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The Omelette to Eat for Nursing