fitness for new momsI’ve been a little blasé about the 2010 Olympics coming to Vancouver but as time has ticked on, I’m a little upset with myself that I couldn’t have been more excited from the beginning.  It was opening ceremonies tonight, and because my rabbit ears didn’t pick up the Official Olympic channel we decided to watch it live on the computer. My whole family was snuggled on the couch watching a small screen as athletes poured into the stadium. Teams of over 150, and teams of just 1, and I sat there trying to imagine what they must be feeling. Goals of winning, goals of doing their best, fear of defeat, a deep sense of pride, a sense of pressure, stress and joy all at the same time.  The voices from entertainers, the power of the speakers’ words, the thrill of so many countries coming together in the name of friendly competition… it was really inspiring to me. As I sat there I peered at my daughter and I hope too that she felt some amazement in the whole event.

I remember very clearly about 10 years ago, sitting with my boyfriend at the Starbucks on Broadway at Heather watching life pass by.  (Ok, maybe my mind isn’t so clear because he swears it wasn’t him … I must have been with a girlfriend)  A bus drove past with an advertisement on the side which read ‘Vancouver Bidding for 2010”.   Now I know what chair I was in, I know what direction the bus was going, I even know what the weather was like… and I said “Wonder what we’ll be doing in 2010?” Apparently I just don’t remember who I said it to!

2010. It is here, and this is what I am doing…

I’ve got a husband (previously the boyfriend from Starbucks) 2 young children, a dog and a car that stalls not often, but at any given time.  My titles over those years include a Hairdresser, a Make up artist, a Student, a Wife, a Mother, a Volunteer and an Office Manager, and that’s only the ones that I can remember.  We’ve lived in 6 different cities.  I admittedly like Coronation Street and I love the Tudor’s series.  If I could have more hours in a day I would knit, sew, exercise and/or read.  I would love to walk The Camino de Santiago trail, know how to compost, make home grown smoked tomato salsa, take better photos, and ride a motorcycle.  Oh ya, and I love long walks on the beach.

Like all those athletes, I too have ambitions.  Mine may seem simple, but may be no easier to complete.    I deserve at least a gold coin, for getting out the door on time with a child in a clean diaper, wearing both shoes, a clean shirt and a diaper bag prepared for the worst of scenarios!    Do you think I could round up some cheers on the side lines as I carry a hot meal in one hand on my Olympic relay from kitchen stove to the dining room table?  All the training in the world could not have prepared me to be a Mother; I thought I was going to be a natural.  But this task aint easy!  And not only am I supposed to do all that mothering stuff, but I’m supposed to be a wife, a worker, AND take care of myself?!

Well my mental state is shifting, I can see the starting line, and only a little time until I meet up with my Fitness on the Go trainer Tina! Until then, I’m going to think about my health goals, get in the competitive spirit and figure out where the last 10 years went!