Is it Safe to Dye Your Hair While Pregnant? According to all the information we have at hand, yes, it’s perfectly safe for you to get your roots touched up with hair dye while you’re expecting. Please! No one should look like a skunk in their post-birthing pictures!  Based on the data which OTIS (Organization for Teratology Information Services) has gathered over years of research, modern hair treatments, including dyes and bleaches, are low in harmful chemicals. So go get thyself pretty: this includes perms, chemical relaxers, highlights, etc., although to be ultra-safe you might want to wait until after the first trimester to do full-head treatments, to minimize absorption of any chemicals through the scalp. Scientists and stylists alike agree, the chance of any of these processes actually hurting you or your baby are extremely minimal.

The aestheticians polled for this question said the biggest risk in having your hair colored while pregnant is that the hormones running rampant through your body might influence the absorption of the dye in your hair shaft, meaning the color might come out a bit different than expected. The chances of a botched dye-job can be diminished by getting your beautification done at a salon by a professional, rather than at home with a box and a pair of gloves. Those people paid money to learn how to do hair in the best and most technically correct ways—you standing at your kitchen sink and struggling to get the back of your head to match the front is neither the best nor technically correct way to color your hair. You’ve been warned!