A – You may want to start with trying a homeopathic remedy first. Some common homeopathic remedies for teething babies are chamomilla, pulsatilla and belladonna. Which one is given depends on the baby’s specific symptoms and temperament. Chamomilla children tend to be inconsolable, fussy and tend to have frequent temper tantrums.  During teething, they may also have a “flush” on one cheek while the other is pale.  Belladonna babies will have a flush on both cheeks and may also show a fever.  Pulsatilla babies want to be constantly held and consoled.  They feel better with cold applications to the area of pain.  Remedies should be given at low potency, 12C or 30C.  You can also try using clove oil.  You have to dilute it as in its full strength it may irritate the baby’s tummy.  Dilute four drops of the essential oil with a table spoon of olive oil and apply on the baby’s gums with a cotton ball.

Dr. Agnieszka Matusik, ND practices family medicine at Mountainview Wellness Centre in South Surrey/White Rock.