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Tilapia’s sweet white flesh makes it a perfect “foil” for lemony Souvlaki Marinade in this dinner cooked en papillote. Clean-up’s always a breeze when you cook food using this method.  Volia! Grilled Tilapia Parcels.

Cooking En Papillote

Cut pieces of parchment (if baking) or foil (on the BBQ) into heart shapes. Place the fish on one side of the heart, and fold in half so the edges match. Gently create double folds all around the heart so that no liquid escapes.

Serves: 4
Skill level: Intermediate
Prep time: 15
Cooking time: 15
Total time: 30

Marinating time=30 minutes

Chef’s Tip

Substitute another white fish such as sole or pickerel for the tilapia. Be sure to use heavy duty foil or the contents will burn to the inside of the foil packets. If you do not have heavy-duty-foil, use a double thickness of regular foil.