Ah, school is back in session…and the homework should be getting into full swing. It’s the bane of every student’s existence, as well as every mom’s…The battle to get the kids to do their homework is an eternal one. You know they need to do it as early as possible, because the more tired a child is, the harder it is for them to think properly. They want to put it off as long as possible, because, well, because homework sucks. What’s the compromise? Here are some tips to winning the homework battle.

Get Organized

Establish a routine, and stick with it. Set up a schedule and synch it to your computer and mobile phones. When they get home, they’ll need a snack and a little down time to decompress from school—but not so long they get slothful. Get a homework chart; either make one yourself or download one from the internet.

Get Rid of Distractions

Set up a good place for them to work, which may not be their room if they’re easily distractable. You should be able to oversee them, but don’t be military about it, which can be distracting in itself. Make sure they have everything they need as far as supplies and computer access, but keep their backs to any TVs or games, and make sure they don’t have access to any distracting sites on the internet—strictly research.

Keep Up With Things

Don’t let the assignments pile up: keep up with the kids’ assignments by staying in touch with their teachers and reading through your kids’ notebooks. Many schools send out homework or assignment reminders out or publish the syllabus online. That way the kids don’t have excuses.