Wow, what a disappointing week this has been, I have been putting off this post until the last possible moment because I really didn’t want to have to admit to myself (and you) how terribly I did. After the euphoria of a fantastic first week (including a near four pound weight loss), I really thought week two would be just as “fun”. Not so. The long weekend really threw a wrench into my newly made schedule. As I was not forcing myself up at 6am to work out, the day had begun without me – my kidlets were up needing to eat, house was a disaster, pets had to be taken care of, etc, etc. This translated into a lack of any kind of workout for three days. When it was finally time to head back to work, I attempted to restart my early morning workouts only to find my baby was waking up too! Have you ever tried to work out with a four year old underfoot? We argued over the weights (he loves to play with them), the space in the living room, my workout mat, essentially every piece of equipment that I needed to do an effective workout. Frustration coupled with the loss of my housecleaner really turned this week’s exercise and meal plan into more of a chore instead of a desire. (And anyone who knows me knows I am not good with chores…) This failure to follow the guidelines I had agreed to really struck hard. The more I struggled to get a workout in, the more I struggled with caring what I ate. The more workouts I missed, the worse I felt. Consequently the worse I felt, the harder it was to get out of bed. A vicious cycle took hold this week that I was truly unable to break. Why is this? I felt so fantastic after my first week – I had followed the meal plan to a ‘T’, worked out every day and stayed positive. This week was the exact opposite. Then yesterday, Aunt Flo came. Could this be why? I still don’t know – I’m hoping this is the reason and that in eight and a half hours I will want to jump out of bed to get right back on track! I do know there are those of you that applied to be a part of this life-changing #MommyFit2011 program and it is you that I think of when I feel like I can’t do it. I took someone’s place that would have committed themselves to the eight weeks so I darn well better not screw up!! With this thought I will bid you all good-night, I am determined to succeed this week.