I was recently introduced to the concept of Educational Trips for kids.  Mommy or Daddy takes a child away for the weekend, and they get one-on-one time and learn together.  What better place than Victoria, at the Fairmont Empress Hotel?  I am very much an old Canadian.  I appreciate modern, boutique hotels too, but there is nothing quite like the luxury of the old Canadian Pacific chain.  Sometimes wallpaper, high ceilings, antiques and superb service are just necessary.  On a recent stay at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, I was reminded why I seek out these fabulous hotels, and what educational opportunities are available in every day life if you take the time to look for them.

  1. Photos on the walls provide a lesson on the monarchy and the history of our country. (History)
  2. Hallways are great for racing as fast as you can (Phys-ed)
  3. The stately brass elevators, plushly carpeted, are fun to ride. (Recess)
  4. The brass mailboxes were one of the highlights of my childhood.  You can drop a letter on the 10th floor, and it will end up in the mailroom in the basement.  (Laundry chutes are pretty exciting too.)  (Physics).
  5. At the Empress, you can watch the horse drawn carriages by the harbour, see boats, and are steps away from the provincial Parliament Buildings (Political Science, Art)
  6. Many of the restaurants, such as the Bengal Lounge, provide cuisine that is authentic to British Colonies (Gastronomy, History)
  7. We couldn’t discuss a stay at the Empress without mentioning the famous afternoon tea.  (British History, and an excuse to eat sweets before dinner).

Fairmont Hotels are all really great for families. (We’re not being paid in any way to endorse them by the way!)

  1. Dogs are allowed, and they provide beds and treat bags for them.
  2. Not only are cribs provided for children, but they give you a special gift bag filled with bath toys and a stuffed animal.
  3. Many provide complimentary bicycles for exercise, and some even had canine mascots that you can take for a walk.

We’re not suggesting home-schooling your kids or anything, but go on a trip like this each year, and you could save a pile of money on tuition and extra-curricular activities.

If you are looking for more activities, see our Family Things to do with Kids in Victoria article.

Jill Amery is the mother of two and looks for a bunch of excuses to stay at nice places.

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