Kids making cards themselves is not only thrilling for Mom, but the hands-on approach helps their self-esteem, forces them to consider their connection with their mother, and prompts gratitude. (This one is always nice Рespecially once they hit the tween years!!)

Moms prefer cards truly from the heart and you truly don’t need fancy, expensive tools. Simple scissors, paper, odds and ends from the house certainly work wonders. You can even make glue out of flour and water if that is hard to come by! Remember that imperfection and authenticity are better than perfection. Relax and have fun with your designs – Moms can look at these throughout the year whenever they are feeling unloved and having bad mornings. And of course, if all else fails, make her a DIY Mother’s Day Card promising a simple car wash and make a note to do something kind at least once a week!

Helpful supplies: scissors, tape, construction paper, glue gun, glue stick, buttons, string, buttons, popsicle sticks, pom poms, paint, celery (if you cut the stemmed end off it makes the perfect flower stamp when dipped in paint!)

  1. Nest with saying: place wool and crepe paper strings over a bowl as a mold and lightly glue.
  2. Sparkly Unicorn
  3. Celery flowers
  4. Dress with pearls: we used half-pearls from the craft store and buttons from around the house.
  5. Two hands as a butterfly with saying
  6. Sun and pasta
  7. Jar of things mom does to make me smile
  8. Flamingo with two little flamingoes painted: these pom poms were actually from hair ties that we found on sale.
  9. Flowerpot with popsicle sticks muffin liners and buttons


Mothers Day Nest Card

DIY Unicorn CardCelery Stamp Flower Card

Celery Flower Stamp

Mothers Day Dress Card


Hand Butterfly CardSunshine Pasta CardMothers Day Bottle of Memories

Flamingo Mothers Day Card

Mothers Day Muffin Liner Card