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Preparing for race day is a mathematical equation for me. Hydration + Nutrition + Stretching = race day success! Now all people measure success differently. Crossing the finish line with minimal recovery time is how I measure my success. Time doesn’t mean much if I can barely move the next day. As a mom, my children rely on me being able to play, run and get out the door on time.

Our mornings move at a sloth like pace in on a good day. This can make preparations somewhat challenging. I have learned the correct amount of food and water is crucial before racing. Eating and drinking too much or too little close to the start time can hinder your performance.

MOTRIN® Liquid Gels alongside a good stretch with a foam roller is a significant part of my mathematical equation when the pain from inflammation in my feet becomes unbearable. I start my race days with something light such as granola and yogurt, a glass of water and depending on my week, and either a MOTRIN® Liquid Gel or a MOTRIN® Platinum Muscle & Body to help with my existing pain. For my success using an over the counter medication like Ibuprofen in combination with using of a foam roller keeps my recovery time minimal.

At Color Me Rad this year, the MOTRIN® Recovery Zone was on site for some pre and post-race stretching. Yoga mats and foam rollers were on site for a few last minute stretches. After a quick visit, I left ready to tackle this adventure! After signing up for a Trial Offer, I also walked away with a MOTRIN® water bottle, making me truly feel like a MOTRIN® Warrior.

This adventure was fun and colorful and one that I am thankful I was able to experience. Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option in my life. I’ve had a taste of freedom and I love being able to spread the message of health and wellness with my friends and family encouraging them to get out and play with our children. Thanks to MOTRIN® for helping me gain back some of that freedom, I am able to be a positive role model to my girls and show them that a healthy life is one of my priorities and I do this by running!

Be a good role model to your loved ones! With MOTRIN® you can get back to your active self! Use this $3 off Coupon to get your MOTRIN® and make getting out to play a reality!

To be sure MOTRIN® is right for you, always read and follow the label.



Janette Shearer is a Vancouver based mommy blogger formerly known as Vancity Mommy D, now blogging at Ava to Zoe, giving you a safe place to embrace everything that is Mom Life, the good, the bad and the Crazy!