How Do I choose a dentist for my kids?  Dr. Chris Kan, our resident dental expert, weighs in on this question.  He says to look for these factors to help narrow your choices:

(1) Similar goals and easy communication. Your dentist should want the same things you do for your children’s dental health, and be able to explain these goals to you clearly. You should feel comfortable asking questions and discussing treatment options.

(2) Modern technology. Don’t be dazzled by a fancy office décor but realize that newer technology often means more comfort and less pain, and that the dentist cares about keeping current with skills and continuing education. How well the office is maintained is usually indicative of the quality of care you’ll be receiving.

(3) Experience. Do you want a dentist who is proficient or just merely competent? There’s growing support for the notion that it takes about ten thousand hours of practice (roughly ten years) to achieve the level of mastery associated with being an expert. With this in mind, if you choose a dentist who’s had at least ten years of experience, you’ll likely find a combination of relatively recent training and the wisdom of years of honing diagnostic and motor skills critical to being a good dentist.

Dr. Chris Kan is a Kitsilano Dentist and since 1998, has been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry with a conservative, “less is best” approach. By integrating innovative technologies with a passion for excellence, Dr. Kan and his team provide thorough, comprehensive care for everyone from toddlers to seniors. Contact Dr. Kan at 604-224-8000 or at