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time change and jet lag

Time changes and jet lag when traveling with kids

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A big concern many parents have about traveling is how time changes and jet lag will affect their child’s routine and sleeping patterns.  It’s a valid concern; we all know how jet lag makes us feel (zonked and cranky), and who wants to cope with a toddler in that same state?  According to pretty much any book or article you read, children cope with time changes and jet lag much better than adults do, acclimatizing much faster.

green nursery tips

How to make your nursery a little more green

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The best thing about being green is that simple is best.  Choices are (fortunately or not) less plentiful, and certain decisions are a given.  Low VOC paint?  Check.  Carpet?  Nope.  Particleboard furniture?  Uh, uh.  The basic concept from a health standpoint is the toxins in the substances.  Volatile organic compounds as well as the glue used in making pressboard, particleboard and chipboard, and chemicals in carpeting are released into the air over time.  No number of spider plants will eliminate the chemicals forever.  Choosing wood furniture can be a better choice, not only from an environmental perspective, but from a financial one.


The Return Of Your Stomach

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stomach.jpgYou may find that even if you have returned to your pre-pregnancy weight, you have not returned to your pre-pregnancy body. The saggy factor seems to depend on the length of time you were able to carry your babies, genetics, tone before pregnancy and maybe even a little bit on how much stretch mark cream you slapped on during gestation.


Are You Prepared?

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Storms, floods, earthquakes – these are all things that we might not want to think about, but they do happen and the best way to give yourself peace of mind is to be prepared. The government recommends we be prepared to sustain our family for 72 hours in the event of an emergency. Do you have an emergency kit? If so, have you looked at it recently? It is worth revisiting your emergency kit to ensure you have adequate supplies to meet the demands of your growing family.

Besides the general recommendations, consider the nutritional needs of your children. Are they formula fed? Do you have adequate formula set aside for the event of an emergency? If you use powdered formula, do you have adequate water set aside not only to meet the needs of your other family members, but also to prepare bottles for two babies for 72 hours? How would you sterilize this water? How would you sterilize the bottles? It might be useful to have some of the expensive (but convenient) ready to use formula on hand. Would you need to pump milk for your babies? If you use an electric pump, does it take batteries and do you have enough of the correct size in your kit? Are your babies on solids? If you find yourself running to the store to buy more baby food when you get down to the last jar, it might be worth adding some jars of baby food to your emergency kit. It is also a good idea to keep in mind any medications your children may need and to ensure that you always have enough on hand to last you through an emergency. With all of these perishables, make sure you give yourself lots of time against the individual indicated expiry dates, and make a habit of checking these items – perhaps every six months, to make sure they are still fit for consumption.

Less essential, but still of consideration are some of the conveniences that get you through your day. If the power goes out for 24 hours, would you still want to use your baby monitor? If so, check to ensure that your monitor takes batteries and if it does, that you have an adequate supply on hand. Similarly, you may want to take a quick inventory of some of the other luxuries around your house (bottle warmers, etc.) and prepare them.


Colic – what is it and how you can help your baby

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Colic is a mysterious catchall phrase for generally unsettled babies.The definition of colic is a baby that cries for more than three days a week for more than three hours at a time. It is not considered serious, but presents as extended and uncontrollable crying in any baby that is otherwise healthy. It can happen at around two to four weeks of age and can last for three months or longer.