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MoonjarSpend.  Save.  Share.  Wouldn’t it have been nice if all of the world’s fighters had been given a Moonjar when they were little?  A special piggybank, the Moonjar helps to teach children financial concepts, and encourages them to learn how to handle money.  We need to save.  We need to support charity, and spending a bit is never a bad thing either.  The three pieces of the Moonjar fit together, and it cannot be a unit without the other pieces.  Pretty clever.  I bet the kids who grew up with these are never late on their Visa payments.


Your Favourite Baby Products

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Bug Pickle Belly CreamA little while ago, we had a cool contest where you told us your favourite baby products. (Congrats to Anne Uebbing who won the big prize!) We have a bunch of great ideas, and love it when our readers give us great input. Don’t forget to read the last one. It made us feel pretty good.

And the winners (sorted by category for Pregnancy, Feeding, Diapering, Bathing, Gear, Toys, Clothing) are….


Top Strollers 2009

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Overwhelmed. That’s how many expectant parents feel about making a stroller purchase.  With so many choices in the marketplace these days, it can be a daunting task to try and learn what makes one stroller better than another.They have analyzed three types of strollers — jogging strollers, travel strollers, and all-round strollers.  Looking at the specific needs of Vancouver parents, and the key features that make a great stroller – excellent handling, reliability, and an easy-to-operate design – they have selected the top picks for 2009.


Babies And Plastics

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There is growing debate about the potential health implications of the chemicals that leach from some plastics and their possible side effects on babies. As a precaution, The Consumer Product Safety Commission has advised parents to dispose of soft vinyl teethers and plastic toys that infants chew or suck on. Clear plastic baby bottles are another area of concern. Not much is known about the effect the chemicals in these plastics have on humans, so it may be prudent to limit your baby’s exposure to them.