I  have impressed myself a lot with this program, it is a good challenge and I love challenges. I followed the program every single day ever since I started. Sunday which was day 7, fatigue had caught up to me and it took quite a bit of will power to do the workout but I did it. My daughter’s been quite sick with a nasty cold and we’ve had some sleep issues with her, she kept us up many nights during this first week and I was and still am so tired. I just wanted to go nap after I put her down for her nap but I gave myself a kick in the butt and did the exercise. I love the after workout feeling and being proud of myself. I also wanted a cupcake real bad even though I’m not really into sweets and I admit, I had a few glasses of wine this weekend, I had to reward myself a bit! I am going to challenge myself  to try and wake up at 6 AM some days to do the workout because right now I do it when my daughter nap, I don’t get to do all the other things I use to do while she nap.

– Caroline Alarie