When you think of electric and eco-friendly, what level of style and class do you generally expect? I know. Probably something that is compostable and not always reliable. But.. what about when you think about the BMW brand? Strong, luxurious and design-conscious, right? I had the opportunity to try the electric BMWi3 and the experience was unexpected, unforgettable and definitely luxurious. I most definitely enjoyed the drive. And my kids kept refusing to get out of the vehicle.

The BMW i3 felt as if I have just entered a man cave appointed with tailored furniture reminiscent of a beautifully crafted tweed suit that is expertly styled. The finishes are durable and sport the newest technology and fabrics.

It shocked me, given it was the first electric vehicle that I have thoroughly test driven, that a cabin could be so quiet. I was extra careful to make sure pedestrians knew I was coming! It is well equipped, with two screens directly in my line of sight. This convenience meant I was able to see gas and electric consumption and the number of kilometres I have left before I need to recharge.

It’s an easy drive and the super-thin titanium seats provide tons of extra legroom, especially in the back seat. The roominess was pleasant for such a small vehicle. Even better, I came to a stop sign on a hill and was thrilled that the vehicle did not roll back at all. How’s that for peace of mind?

The kids loved the in-seat cup holders that are flush with the seat and always level. They also adored the dual sunroof which allows the shading of one side or the other. Bespoke!

My first charging experience was far easier than I imagined. Without a charging station nearby, I went to the local community centre (the stations are always in the rockstar parking spots). At the front desk I traded my driver’s license for a charging card. After a quick swipe, the station was activated and I simply plugged in the vehicle. After a couple of hours, I had another 100km worth of charge.

The doors open in opposite directions, allowing for far more room to enter and exit the vehicle. Additionally, they swing very wide in each direction. It felt far more like a large sedan than I ever expected it would, given the nimbleness and manoeuvrability.

BMWi3 trunkIn terms of trunk space – this is one area where I was initially worried given the compact nature of the body. Once again, however, due to the thin titanium seats, there was plenty of room for a two-cart shop at the grocery store (complete with 4 pool noodles)!

Being eco-friendly can be so stylish when you’re behind the wheel of the right car. The BMW i3 has style that’s electric and has everything you’ve come to expect from BMW, just in a more earth-friendly format. Hit the road, but love on the earth with this exciting new car.