If you’re a mom and plan on having more kids eventually—but not right now then birth control for moms is an issue you need to think about.

Not every birth control method is for everyone, and even if you have a method you like best, it might not be the best thing for you at certain times! Although the ultimate decision should be made with your physician’s input and guidance, here are some helpful hints on choosing birth control that’s right for you and the stage your life is at right now.

If you want a temporary method

The pill and other hormonal methods such as the patch and NuvaRing are good choices if you want something temporary and reliable. Your doctor can help you determine which particular type of pill is best for you, based on your reaction to the hormones and other factors. The pill has helped millions of moms avoid pregnancy since the Sixties, and it has improved since then, until you can find one that can help clear your skin, diminish PMS, and even keep off some extra pounds. Also, you can go off the pill or NuvaRing and two weeks later be able to conceive. Don’t pay much attention to the rumors you shouldn’t take it long-term; studies have proven otherwise. As long as you do not smoke, you should be fine.

You’re done family-building…you think

If you’re pretty sure you don’t want more kids but aren’t ready to take the permanent route, consider an IUD, which is brainless, extremely effective birth control once it has been inserted into your uterus by your doctor. Other good options are the DepoProvera injection and the implant (Implanon). Once these are removed you will be able to get pregnant, but is not a simple as just not taking a pill or inserting a NuvaRing. Some of these methods can cause heavy periods and cramping; check with your doctor to discuss side effects and to determine which method is for you.

You are completely sure you are completely done with having kids

While you may immediately think of having a tubal ligation (where your Fallopian tubes are either sutured, clipped, or cauterized shut) as permanent birth control, think again. Many women have experienced symptoms such as weight gain, skin outbreaks, depression, back and belly pain, and other unpleasant side effects in what doctors are now labeling Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. It’s much easier, faster, less painful, and less expensive for your partner to have a vasectomy. Sure, he may cringe from the very idea of having something sharp near his “family jewels,” it’s not nearly as dramatic as all that: a Novocaine injection, one tiny incision, and a band-aid in the doctor’s office, as opposed to you having to go to the hospital and undergo general anesthesia. If he won’t go for it, consider Essure, which is a non-surgical form of tubal ligation, where tiny metal coils are injected into your Fallopian tubes. Scar tissue builds up around the coils, effectively blocking your partner’s little swimmers from reaching the promised land.