I love gadgets, but I admit that they’re intimidating sometimes. The purpose of a great gadget is to be easy to use and to make your life simpler and more streamlined. Modern mums have to be tech-friendly to a certain degree, especially hip mums like us, right? Besides the essentials (smartphone or PDA, iPod/MP3 player, laptop or tablet computer), check out these mom-centric gadgets that will make your life a lot easier…plus they’re a lot of fun!

BabyNes Formula System. OK, this is sheer genius, ladies. If you can afford it, GET IT. From the geniuses at Nestle who brought us the Nespresso (see Mom-Oriented Gadgets below…), here is baby-formula-making at its easiest and most scientific. It mixes up perfectly-measured, perfectly-blended, perfect-temperature baby bottles. Six choices of “formula pods” (for the various ages and stages of formula consumption). If you supplement breast-feeding with formula or use it as the main nutritional intake for your baby, there’s no more convenient way to do it than with this!

Nespresso Single-Serving Coffee System. Ok Kaffee Klatch Moms, let’s stand up and give a big round of applause to Nestle for their efforts to making our lives SO much more bearable. Single serving perfect formula? Done. Single serving perfect coffee? Done. I rest my case. Seriously, though, this little thing is pretty to look at, very portable (take it to the office so you don’t have to drink the generic sludge they make), and makes an amazing, tasty cuppa joe. Never deal with burnt or weak coffee made by someone else; never waste the good stuff by making too much. Lots of varieties to choose from, and you can order new pods online! There are several variations, some make regular coffee, others espresso, and all kinds of colors.

Smart Shopper. How often have we thought, “Whoops, I need this or that,” and then forgotten about it completely? This often happens when you’re rooting around in the fridge or pantry: “I will need more ketchup soon,” or “the kids really liked that cereal,” or whatever. As soon as you walk away, so does your memory. No more! This nifty thing is just so useful you will wonder how you ever existed without it! It makes your errand and grocery lists FOR you; just put it on your fridge door and log in your items as you think of them…and print out your list directly from the machine! You can also use it to link with Shop Rite from Home and other grocery services online, and have your stuff delivered!

Ergorapido. Everyone hates vacuuming, but with the Ergorapido, it’s easy, fast and almost fun. This two-in-one stick vac from Elecrtolux is cute, colorful, and extremely versatile for normal vacuuming and the hard-to-reach places. Plus, it’s cordless!

Perfect Curve’s Socket Pocket. This cute little accessory helps un-clutter your nightstand, kitchen counter, wherever you charge your mobile gadgets. Customizable and comes in different colors!

Scosche Solar-Powered Battery Backup Charger. Never lose a chance to charge, and always think of Mother Nature while you’re doing it! This amazing little doohickey will keep your PDA, iPhone, iPad, whatever, charged. Stick it to the inside of your windshield while commuting and take advantage of the sun beating down on the glass to power up your phone! Check out other great Scosche products, too, at their site.

Cuisenart 7 Cup Food Processor. Stop objecting and start saving time during cooking: invest in this compact, powerful, cute, and extraordinarily versatile tool. Spend more quality time eating than chopping; who wants hands that smell like onions and garlic?

Xbox Kinect. Moms need to play, too! This isn’t just for kids and dads by any means. Kinect is truly amazing, and it encourages you to have fun and get active. Interact with your entire family or just kick it alone, literally!