Needing birthday party inspiration?  Summer is the perfect time to come up with unique party ideas, and this one is a keeper.  The Backyard Popsicle Soccer PartyPopsicle sent us a rockin’ duffle bag filled with pylons, soccer ball, gloves for the keeper (goalie) and water bottles.  Oh… and gift certificates for popsicles.  And it gave us an excellent reason to make the husband cut the grass.  Devious. We invited kids with their parents and a couple of cute British soccer coaches doing Challenger Sports Camps in our area.  (Just for the story – really). Voila… we had a party. The coaches set up obstacle courses and did some drills with the kids and parents.  We then made a couple of teams and got a ton of exercise.  (The pink UrbanMommies team won, BTW.)  What made the day spectacular (along with the sunshine) was the idea that all were equal, despite our sizes.  Parents had just as much fun as their children, and after the festivities, we all collapsed in a big pile on the grass and shared popsicles.  Our sons hoarded the pink ones, but a few others were quite willing to trade.  Even without a birthday excuse, this party is a keeper.  Excuse the pun.