March break starts next week and the worst is when you fall into travel pitfalls when you’re on a family vacation. I’ve got some great tips to help you avoid them and make sure your trip is smooth sailing (or flying!)

I get so frustrated when iPads and phones are dead and all of the airport chargers are taken. There’s new luggage from Away has a built-in charger that recharges your phone up to 5x! Plus it’s removable so complies with international security regulations.

One of  the worst things on vacation is getting sunburned on day 1. I’ve had a few bad vacations because of burns. Also, everyone thinks you’re a bad parent if your kids get burned! Coppertone ClearlySheer and WaterBabies have a new whipped formula that hydrates, goes on smooth and is water resistant. It isn’t greasy so you won’t mind applying every 2 hours. It comes out like mousse and is so light. Waterbabies is Paraben and PABA free.

Ok the next pitfall – not sleeping on the plane and arriving cranky!! Airplanes don’t make for the most comfortable places to sleep and pillows can be bulky to carry around. The Trtl has a built in neck support. It wraps around your neck like a scarf and packs easily

Have you ever travelled with baby and kid equipment? It can be so bulky and not easy to take on adventurous trips. This booster seat folds into a tiny rectangle without compromising safety. Instead of ‘boosting’ the child up to meet the height of the seatbelt, it pulls the seatbelt down. It is 10 x lighter than normal boosters and fits kids ages 40-100 pounds.

Probably the biggest stress when traveling is getting your wallet stolen. Here are my tips:

  • Photocopy each passport and keep one copy in your carryon, and one with a friend. This also ensures you have a photo of your children should you need it quickly.
  • Separate credit cards and cash into 2-3 wallets and keep them in different places.
  • Write down all passport and Nexus numbers on one piece of paper so you have them for filling out customs cards.

Check out my recent segment on the topic and see some of the great products I’ve described: