I have a confession: I would rather curl up with a Young Adult novel than read more age appropriate books (i.e. books targeted for adults.)  It’s true!  Reading about others’ mortgage woes, loss of jobs or infidelity just gets me down.  I would much rather read about adventure, possible unrequited love or a first kiss.  And having spoken to quite a few of my fellow “mommies” I know that I am not alone.  There is a reason why The Hunger Games series remains on the NY Times Bestselling books list week after week; despite our ages, we are all still connected to our adolescent angst.

Luckily, while searching Pinterest for back-to-school ideas, I came across a list of 25 fantastic series to read if you loved The Hunger Games.


Actually, I already have read a few of these titles prior to seeing this list and have loved them.  What do you think?  Are you as addicted to YA SciFi & Fantasy as I am?  Have you read any of the books on this list?  If so, please let us know what you thought of them.

Happy Reading!