Every woman waits breathlessly for that moment when they finally, definitely, feel their baby kick or move within them. Being pregnant, especially for the first time, is full of scary and amazing experiences, and that is one of them. There is something magical about knowing that the new life you knew was percolating in there has finally expressed itself in a way you can’t doubt. Every mom to be will eventually ask – when will I feel the baby kick?

When will I feel the baby kick?

Your baby will be bopping around like a happy little tadpole from early on in the first trimester, but you won’t feel those movements, because they’re still so tiny and well-cushioned inside you. By the time you get to anywhere between 16-25 weeks along in your pregnancy you should be feeling the baby’s movements, though, as he or she has gotten big enough to really make their presence known.

What does it feel like? The first movements you’ll notice are almost impossible to define. Some moms liken it to getting “butterflies” in their tummies, where others feel more of a tumbling motion from within, or a twitching similar to gas bubbles. In fact, most first-time moms either err on the over-sensitive side, thinking every intestinal grumble is their baby moving, or are those who dismiss everything even slightly iffy, waiting for a definite elbow-jab to the stomach. Mums who are carrying a bit of extra weight might find it harder to identify early movement, while those who have been pregnant before can sometimes identify their baby’s jitter-bugging as early as 13 weeks.

If you think you might be feeling your baby move for the first time and want to encourage more, lie down on your right side and relax as much as possible. Unborn babies get energetic when their mums slow down, because they’ve been rocked and lulled into napping by your body’s motion while you’ve been active. By relaxing you can bring on more easily-identified movements. A glass of juice can also help, as a little rush of blood sugar can kick in the in-utero dancing. If you’re in the third trimester you should be feeling movement around 30 times per hour on average, and a lack of movement for extended times could be cause for concern.

Feeling your baby move inside can be thrilling and amusing, but can also be aggravating after a while, when you’re trying to snatch a nap or happen to have a baby with particularly long legs and an apparent aptitude for football. Most moms will be very happy to go from feeling their baby kick their ribs ceaselessly from within to actually holding their child in their arms. We hope this answers all of your questions about when will I feel the baby kick and we hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!