DuracellCan you imagine being a new mom during a disaster?  Your breast pump has no power, your mobile phone is dead and handwashing bibs with leftover water in your hot water tank seems like an insurmountable task.  Thankfully, Proctor and Gamble practiced social responsibility and gave tremendous care to families in High River and Calgary, Alberta during last month’s extreme flooding.  Duracell Power Forward Trucks and Tide Loads of Hope brought relief to victims affected by the recent Alberta floods.

As a part of Duracell’s Power Forward fleet, the trucks made several stops in Calgary and High River each day to help families and first responders reconnect with loved ones and stay powered whenever they needed it most. 20,000 batteries were distributed to help power important devices such as flashlights and radios. Each stop also gave access to charging stations for mobile devices and computers.

Having the necessary power to stay connected to loved ones during a time of adversity is a priority for everyone affected by the recent floods. The Duracell Power Forward Trucks provided the ability for residents to stay connected and power up equipment to help keep them safe.

Within days after the Alberta flooding, Tide responded and partnered with a local laundromat in Calgary to offer affected families free washes and detergent. On July 2, the Tide Loads of Hope mobile unit was set up in High River, one of the most affected communities, allowing residents and relief workers to drop off laundry to be washed, dried and folded, free of charge. Tide washed 300 loads of laundry per day to help affected families through this difficult time. Watch and share a video of Loads of Hope in High River. For every view, Tide will donate $1 to the cause, up to $25,000.

Tide Loads of HopeTide Loads of Hope was created in 2005 to provide much needed free laundry services to families affected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Inspired by the resilience and spirit of the people of New Orleans, Tide was driven to expand the Loads of Hope program and has since helped families across the country affected by disaster. Today, the program includes the Tide Loads of Hope truck outfitted with 32 energy-efficient Frigidaire® AffinityTM washers and dryers. Collectively, Tide has washed over 55,000 loads for more than 40,000 families impacted by disasters since the program launched.

In addition to deploying the Duracell mobile trucks and Tide Loads of Hope, P&G’s relief efforts also included a donation of personal care kits with over 22,000 units of product from brands such as Dawn, Mr. Clean, Oral- B, Scope, Glide, Gillette, Always, Tampax, Herbal Essences and Pantene.

P&G’s brands worked to help relief workers and families whose homes, clothing and personal items had been impacted to help renew a sense of hope in a difficult time. These programs were made possible with the support of P&G’s valued partners: the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association and Purolator.

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