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Taking the kids on a road trip is a great way to make the most of a summer vacation. But it’s not like the good old day where you and your best buddy could just pack a bag and hop in the car and go. With kids in tow you need to get a little more creative at keeping them happy, and yes, a bit more organized.

The Interior of B.C. offers plenty of kid-friendly activities, and when done right, makes for an unforgettable experience that the whole family can get into.

Driving to Salmon Arm from any direction provides a chance to see B.C.’s beautiful lush mountain landscapes. With valleys and forests, there’s plenty of natural eye candy and no shortage of things to look at out the window. But as you likely know, that’s not enough to keep most kids entertained.

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Head to the Roots&Blues Festival

You might not think a roots and blues festival would be a family activity, but the one in Salmon Arm certainly is.

Besides four days featuring a solid showcase of music, the experience goes well beyond just listening (and yes, dancing too) to the musicians, but also discovering some new artists.

The small-town feel of the festival makes it a safe place for young people.

David Gonella, executive director for the festival, says they go out of their way to make families feel welcome to the event that features more than 40 bands, yet still has an intimate feel. “We have enough space that people don’t feel claustrophobic.”

“We have a tradition of kids being dropped off at the main gate with their families; they set up a plan, and eight year olds [and up] can wander the site and feel safe,” he said.

“In a lot of the crews, and our volunteers, they are all parents, so we take it seriously. That is one of the reasons we haven’t opened up the site to booze.”

While the festival certainly offers up opportunity for a cold beer and sipping wine, the location of alcohol consumption area is restricted, says Gonella.

But if mom and dad want to have a little time for a drink beverage gardens, there’s an onsite day care where the kids can hang out.

There’s also a free Kids Zone for children under 12. Here’s a list of the other services families can enjoy:

  • Taste foods from around the world at the Global Food Village
  • Check out the artisan market for hand-made Canadian goods
  • Misting stations to keep everyone cool
  • Campsites near the festival grounds

Hosted at Salmon Arm’s festival grounds, with a stunning view of Mount Ida, there are plenty of things to do within walking distance.

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Credit Chelsea Lees


Credit Chelsea Lees

This is a guest post written by Chelsea Lees of FestivalSeekers