September brings with it an insanity not seen during any other months, and this year is no different in our house.  With two boys in school all day and then off to various extra-curricular activities at least one day a week I am handing out sandwiches in the car, or picnicking with one while waiting for the other.  While we all love a good picnic, it gets a little boring after a while, munching on the same old easy to pack foods with a child who is tired and just wants to zone out. We often sit together and lose ourselves in a Netflix show while waiting for a program or sport practice to start, nibbling dry sandwiches and crumbly cookies. Time to up my game!

In the past, I turned to pinterest for ideas, and I’m sure you can guess how that turned out.  After a time-swallowing session getting sidetracked by cool artsy ideas and slowcooker recipes I was no further ahead in my search to deliver at least one awesome picnic that would fuel tired bodies while being fun and healthy too.

netflix-walking-tacosThis month Netflix surprised me and totally came to my rescue. Being part of their stream team definitely has it’s perks, and this month they had a recipe for Walking Tacos with their September email. This was a meal I could totally see my boys devouring!  I mean, what’s not to love about a deconstructed taco served in a bag of Doritos for school aged boys?  There’s something about eating out a bag that is an easy sell to boys, and most kids in general.  Paired with a favorite show on Netflix it’s got to be about the most idyllic way to pass the time between activities and school.

I’m so excited to pull these delicious and easy bags of yumminess out for the boys next week, and it doesn’t hurt that there’ll be one for me, too.chocolate-chip-ice-cream-sandwich