Superheroes are fun role models for children. Little ones can dress up and pretend they have special powers. As parents, many of us promote different character traits a superhero has to help our kids become stronger in character. There are so many books and shows where the fictional characters have special abilities.

Then children grow older and start to become miniature adults as they are faced with all kinds of social and interpersonal situations that special powers can’t fix.

Who becomes the role model then?

Author, Don M. Winn created a book series where fictional characters have no superpowers at all. In fact, they are just like every day middle schoolers. There are struggles with academics, friendships, and parental pressure. How they face these trials is central to the message of what the author wanted his end goal to be…”that kids can interact with kindness, respect, and lots of fun as they try to do the right thing”. Winn was diagnosed with dyslexia at a very young age. Because of this, he wanted to write books that would appeal to reluctant or struggling readers as well as anyone who loves reading. You can read more about him and his other books here.

The Sir Kaye and the Boy Knight series centers around 12 year old Sir Kaye, his friends; Reggie and Beau as they experience adventures set in medieval times. With this time period comes kingdoms, royalty, battling knights, and so many other exciting themes.

“The Eldridge Conspiracy” by Winn is book 4 and the last in the series. Sir Kaye is off on another adventure with his Beau and Reggie. This time, he has to make his way across one kingdom to another to save his absent father who happens to be the bravest knight. Sir Kaye is being pursued by the evil Baron Thomas- the self-proclaimed heir to the throne of Eldridge who also wants to rule neighboring country Knox as well. The race is on as they encounter different obstacles where there are people who will do everything to stop these boys from interfering with their plans of taking over. Along the way, the boys deal with some issues such as Sir Kaye trying to live up to his legendary father. As these boys persevere through the various challenges, you will find yourself cheering them on. This book is geared towards middle schoolers but can make an excellent read aloud for those not able to read it independently. Kids will find themselves mesmerized by the plot and character actions throughout the story. Many will be able to identify with some of the fears these characters face and what they do to overcome them. The Eldidge Conspiracy was a rewarding read due to a wonderful writing style of incorporating dynamic characters, humor, relevancy, and the thought that even without superpowers, children can be heroes.