gradeschool workspaceI remember my pink desk as a child.  We got it at a flea market.  It was solid wood, painted light pink (to match the Laura Ashley decor) and had huge round knobs on all three drawers.  This was fortunate, as you had to have the strength of Schwarzenegger to get the warped things opened.  But it was my desk and my space and it was where I did homework for many years.  Given $100 and a few options as part of the Walmart Frugal Heroes challenge, I decided to outfit my boys with a new work space.  For $100.  And it was a blank space.  Talk about a challenge!  Was it possible to create a grade school workspace for under $100?

We all went to our local Walmart and I had a nightmarish time convincing them that we could not build a space out of Lego, nor was Star Wars part of the homework plan.  Thinking I’d have to settle for a side table, I went to the furniture section and found a desk for $69.  Wow!  And it was of course out of stock and the plan was to get everything that day.  Looking further Walmart Frugal HeroesI was shocked to find a corner desk in the clearance area.  A corner desk that would fit perfectly in the space we had.  It was black and gave me an idea.  A Starwars spaceship work corner would be black and silver, no?

Stainless steel lamp, bulletin board with magnetic side, spice jars to double as school supply organizers, 2 frames and a plant.  I printed Lego minifigure images for the frames and plugged in the kids’ iPod Touches.

The price?  $98. 76


Desk: $40.00
Stainless steel lamp: $12.98
Combo Bulletin board: $22.47
Spice jars: $1.97 each
2 frames: $1.00 each
Plant: $2.97

Enviro Fee: $.85
Tax: $10.58

Total: $98.76 


Disclosure: I was given a $100 gift card by Walmart Canada as compensation for this article. 

Jill Amery

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