AIR MILES CashI have often been told that I ‘know how to work it’, so to speak. Now don’t let your thoughts of me become jaded. People are referring to my prowess with saving money and seeking out ways to acquire luxury goods for a more reasonable price. Hard-working urban Mommies deserve a little treat once in a while (we need something to calm ourselves during temper tantrums and those times we forget to bring diapers on long outings).

I earn a few different types of loyalty rewards. To date, no program has been as flexible for me as AIR MILES. I began earning in 1993, and am thrilled that they have added AIR MILES Cash to the program.

Here’s how it works: Collectors can take control of how their reward miles are earned and redeemed by first opting into AIR MILES Cash and then by setting a preference between their AIR MILES Cash or Dream balances. Once set, future AIR MILES will be allocated into either balance, or a combination of the two, according to your personal preference.

Reward miles earned in your AIR MILES Cash balance allow for instant redemption in-store at participating Sponsors across Canada – 95 AIR MILES Cash reward miles can be redeemed for $10, up to $750 per day. If Jon Stewart were reading this he’d be saying ‘What? What?! WHAT?!’

So what are my ‘needs’ right now? I suppose a Birkin bag is more a ‘want’. But I do need new eyeglasses. And disposable contact lenses. And oversized sunglasses. (Some call me ‘high needs’).

November 1st not only marked a change in weather, a candy-induced diet and switch to holiday music in the malls. It was also the day that IRIS The Visual Group joined the amazing team of AIR MILES Cash program Sponsors. Now Collectors can redeem reward miles from their AIR MILES Cash balance for instant savings at the 165 IRIS locations across Canada on high-quality, designer eyewear for the whole family. Unless you want to just save it for yourself. Which is fine. We won’t tell. There are also optometrists at every location to save you precious time.

So let’s review. I can get Gucci sunglasses, Vera Wang eye glasses as well as my Bausch + Lomb contact lenses all using my AIR MILES Cash reward miles. And on the credit card bill it looks as if my purchase was simply cheaper. Wow.

The next time you see my smiling face from behind beautiful designer sunglasses in an Instagram pic, let’s share a secret smile.

This article was sponsored by Iris The Visual Group and AIR MILES.  All opinions are our own.

Jill Amery

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