Nutrition for Pregnancy

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Nutrition in pregnancyNutrition For Pregnancy
The Roundhouse Community Centre
May 15th, 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Pregnancy, childbirth and raising children calls on our deepest resources. We reach down into our core values, experiences and come up with a way to be the best parent we can. For many parents, that means balancing the health wisdom of the ages with new nutritional information and our own gut feelings about self care. Join Capers Nutritionist Victoria Pawlowski, RD, MED for a seminar on the latest nutritional information for a healthy pregnancy. For more info please call 604-713-1800


Constipation in Pregnancy

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Q – Since becoming pregnant I’ve been having a hard time with constipation. I thought maybe it was from the prenatal vitamins that I have been taking and that my body would adjust, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I am very uncomfortable and am wondering if you can suggest anyways that might be helpful in reducing this.


Feeding and Sleeping

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Q – My baby is 3 months old and will only go to sleep if I feed him. He cries if I try to rock him or sing to him. Sometimes, I feed him for 45 minutes before he falls asleep. When I take him to his crib I have to carefully put him down. If he wakes up, the cycle starts again. Also, if I burp him he wakes up. If I don’t burp him he wakes up 30 minutes later and he needs to be burped. This is exhausting for me. Any suggestions?