Harley is a cat who was used to being alone. He loved being on his own and not having to answer to anyone. Then he meets Snowball, a cat who lived in a big house with a family who loved him. Will Harley ever find a family of his own? Find out in Harley Finds His Family, a delightful picture book by Danielle Christopher.
Featuring two books in one, Harley Finds His Family chronicles the life of Harley as he finds a new home with a family who loves and cares for him. It gives the reader a chance to be the illustrator using the blank pages or separate sheets which can be attached to the pages. This way, you can relate more to the tale as you liven up with your own artistic illustrations. The second story, Harley Finds His Brother, follows his interactions with a new member of the family. It also provides a photographic illustration in Harley’s life when he met his new brother, Indiana. Order your copy online at www.xlibris.com/harleyfindshisfamily.html