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Seventh Generation goes Plant-Based

baby, FAM By January 23, 2013 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , No Comments

Don’t you love saving?  Money, coupons, trees….  Seventh Generation has a counter on their site indicating how many trees/barrels of petroleum they have saved by switching to plant-based ingredients in their baby products.  Baby Personal Care and Baby Home Cleaning are the first USDA Certified Biobased baby lines on the market today (meaning they are derived more from plant-based ingredients, than petroleum-based).  We’ve tested the baby hair and body wash, bubble bath, wipes and diaper cream and are thrilled with the result.  (And let’s just say that the products can often be found in bathrooms other than the one the kids use…)  Johnson & Johnson announcing it will begin to reformulate its products to get rid of all toxic ingredients in their baby care products by 2015.  Now that’s a reason to hug a tree.


Seventh Generation

GEAR, style By August 7, 2009 Tags: , , , , , , , , , 1 Comment

Seventh Generation iPhone AppWe’re all about hip and funky.  And if you can save the environment and your own health in the mix, that’s a big bonus.  (Kind of like getting a daily calf massage after a night in 4 inch heels).  Did you know that 87% of Canadians believe that household cleaning products are safe even though only 10% of the chemicals used in the typical products have been tested?  Or here’s a scary one.. apparently housewives face a 55% higher cancer risk due to their exposure to household cleaning products… Nice.  Seventh Generation has come out with a super-cool app for the iphone or free download for your home computer.  While you are shopping or surfing, you can search a directory of common cleaning products to see what ingredients are inside.  Merci!