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Top Eight Ways to Make your House Memorable on Halloween

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You remember when you were young. Ok, younger. Trick or treating was the highlight of your year and during all of the other seasons you walked by certain neighbourhood houses and smiled. The man in the tudor house made you tell a story before being given candy. And there was the dentist who handed out toothbrushes. You were certain the yellow house was haunted. Why your dad always wanted to linger at that place that gave him a hot drink is still a mystery… As a child you build relationships and memories with neighbours, and when you make your house memorable on Halloween it creates a perfect opportunity to reach out to your community.

The notion that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is powerful and true. This opportunity once per year where you meet children and neighbourhood families is powerful and should be used to make lasting connections to others. Let’s make your house the one the kids remember for years and years shall we?

Top Eight Ways to Make your House the Coolest Hallowe’en Destination on the Block.

1.  Let your profession or passion trickle into the treats. An actor? Hand out chocolates wrapped in old theatre tickets. Doctor? Tape a bandaid to the top of a candy wrapper. It’s the little inspirations that kids remember.

2.  Give out amazing candy. The new Hallowe’en inspired Scary Bars are a great place to start. ScAero, KIT KAT, Scaries and Coffin Crisp. These are the same favourite bars with updated packaging and frightening names.

3.  Follow out scariest House on the Block décor ideas. Dress up, create an atmosphere and stimulate the senses as the kids approach your house.

4.  Hand out an alternative to candy. Depending on how many children come to your house, little dollar star balls that light up or bugs made out of pinecones with googly eyes can be fun.

5.  Think charity. Now that Unicef boxes have gone by the wayside (sniff), there are still lots of ways you have give back at Hallowe’en. Me to We with Free the Children produce upcycled rafiki friend bracelets that allow one child in Africa to get school supplies for a year. A voucher given to a child saying that you have donated an amount equal to what you would have spent on candy to charity along with an explanation of the charity is truly unique.

6.  Have a party on hallowe’en night and have lots of people in costume come to the door each time the bell rings.

7.  Offer water for the kids to curb dehydration, and a little hot toddy for their parents. The extra minutes they remain at your house will create some time for families to get to know each other.

8.  Take time to carve an incredible pumpkin like this deathstar pumpkin from Mental Floss. Websites like Pumpkin Masters or the Pumpkin Lady have carving patterns that will make you a superstar.

Image credit: Mental Floss

Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by Scary Bars.  All of our opinions are our own.


How to make your home super scary for Halloween

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Quirkiness can be a great thing – especially at Hallowe’en. The best part of living in a true quirky community with lots of kids is that we all go overboard on October 31st. As part of a neighbourhood of film directors and actors, kids flock to our area to experience the wonder of the holiday. Bouncers control the crowds lining up to enter haunted mansions and adults stay in character all night. My favourite night of the year, giggles and screams can be heard for miles. The only downfall to being the scariest, quirkiest neighbourhood? We all run out of candy. But it’s worth it! Here are a few tips and tricks (he he) or making your home super scary for Halloween.

1. Stimulate the senses. Download some eerie music, hide mothballs all over the porch and cover the walkway with crunchy cereal to create a multi-sensory experience.
Scary Bars2. Halloween films playing in the background add to your character.
3. No need to spend a ton of time and money on a costume. A rumpled man’s suit, white face powder and greasy hair can go a long way. Refuse to speak and move slowly. Scary.
4. For our thespian readers, try a full scene. Sit in a rocking chair on the porch and rock rhythmically while another person creates a shadow in a window above. The humming of a sewing machine and knitting are also somehow terrifying. Or maybe that’s just me. (Don’t get me started on clowns!)
5. Serve up some scary treats. Nestle’s new Scary Bars are on our shopping list this year. Kit Kat, Scaries, Scaero and Coffin Crisp, the same delicious chocolate you know and love are all dressed up for the season!  I’m getting triple so I don’t run out… (I can chop them up and make cookies after Hallowe’en if there are leftovers. Wink.).
6. If you like the individual goody-bag idea, use surgical gloves as the bag and tie with ribbon.
7. Lighting is crucial. Glowsticks in mason jars can be placed under plants and trees for an eerie glow.
8. If you have a puppy, chances are you have some body parts from dolls lying around. Fill a jar with Barbie heads and another with assorted legs.  Liquid inside and more glowsticks perfect the image.
9. Get your kids in the mood throughout the whole day. Over the month of October we’ll be publishing lots of ‘scary’ breakfast and lunch ideas.
10. Catch the kids off guard. Maybe an entirely dark entryway has a spotlight on one item: an old-fashioned telephone that may ring when approached. (Call it from inside.) The kids may run, hide or answer.


Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by Scary Bars.  All of our opinions are our own.