UniiverseIt totally takes a village.  But sometimes our family units and communities aren’t quite set up the way we need them to be in order to create that supportive environment.  Enter: Uniiverse.  There are many people and resources around us moms in our local communities.  A new site I discovered, www.uniiverse.com , helps moms connect with what’s going on around them, right in their own neighbourhood.  Uniiverse is a new social marketplace website for people to offer and discover authentic activities and services within their local community. It’s a fantastic way for moms to connect and meet in real life, build a strong community, and make life easier and better.

Here’s a video that explains more about Uniiverse:

What’s more, you can use Uniiverse in two ways: as a seller or a buyer.  You can offer your own skills and time for others to book, or you can look around you in your neighborhood, and book someone else’s listing.  It’s all about sharing experiences without the focus being just on  buying or selling.  Think of it like a Craigslist for experiences, but more trustworthy because other moms you know are using it too.


Here are 10 great ways that Moms can use Uniiverse:

1. Find or organize fun activities for play dates or toddler groups

2. Find babysitters in a safe and trustworthy way

3. Find affordable family photographers

4. Hire some cleaning help

5. Find a dog walker or pet sitter

6. Have your groceries delivered to you

7. Find or organize fitness activities

8.  Enjoy a new hobby

9. Lend your baby and kid items that you may not currently need – help other parents save money

10. Offer advice to expecting moms/parents – become a “Mompreneur

The only catch?  You might just get so excited about all that is offered, you forget that you have kids…