From Craigslist Purchases to Forgotten Lunches Zipments Delivers

At Urban Mommies, we’re big fans of anything that makes life easier. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve found something on Craigslist, have wanted to pick it up but aren’t available at the same time as the seller so we’ve missed out to someone with a more forgiving schedule. Next time that happens we’re going to give Zipments a call. Zipments is made for regular people like you and me, who sometimes need a courier once a week or sometimes need a courier once a year. With drivers available 7 days a week from 9am-9pm they are the perfect option for families with busy schedules. We love that Zipments is willing to pick up and drop off things that you’d never think to ask other courier drivers to consider– Forgotten lunches, Craigslist pickups, jackets left behind on field trips, take out food… Zipments is your answer. With a handy app for your phone, they make keeping in touch with your delivery person easy.

Thanks to Zipments, obtaining that much needed Starbucks while the baby is napping just got so much easier.