When it’s time for a new baby, the itch to redecorate the nursery can be strong! That being said, you want to make sure that the pant you use is going to be safe for baby, that it is going to support their development and look great. That’s why it’s so exciting that iconic baby photographer Anne Geddes has partnered with Master Paintmakers to create her own line of nursery paint featuring specific shades that help nurture baby’s development.  Anne Geddes paint is toxin-free, water-based and made from natural ingredients. 

Anne Geddes is the only paint for babies where every colour has specific supportive effects. Wondering what that means? Research shows babies and children feel more comfortable in a beautifully colored room than they would in a bare one, and the good mood induced by being in a pleasant setting makes them happier and healthier. Happy babies mean happy mommies (and daddies, too!) A well-appointed room helps babies to cultivate a healthy and positive identity which naturally helps them learn and develop.

What’s great about this paint?

  • BABY SAFE FORMULATION:  Anne Geddes colors feature natural ingredients, toxic free and water based, which are safe for pregnant mothers, newborn babies and children.
  • WASHABLE WALLS: Anne Geddes paint is also durable so once dry, any accidents, stains or marks will wash off without damaging the surface.
  • COLORS THAT NURTURE: Baby’s first rooms can encourage development and the colors, shapes and forms that surround young babies can help create who they become as an adult. Anne Geddes paint is crafted to encourage exploration; help soothe and relax baby, to support and comfort, to stimulate imaginative thought and even encourage a sense of love and natural wonder.

We would love to help you try it out for yourself. That’s why we are giving away a gallon to help you with your upcoming nursery makeover. Enter here and let us know which colour you would use! You can order some right here or ask about it at your local paint shop.


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