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The Maxi Dress

GEAR, style By December 16, 2008 Tags: , , No Comments

Q – Does a maxi-dress really hide my tummy?

A – Borrowing from celebrity style (Anegelina loved these), the maxi-dress is a long, flowing frock that can certainly be comfy during the later stages of prenancy.  Just be sure that the bodice is fitted so you don’t look like you’ve donned a mu-mu.  And careful of lenght – we don’t want you tripping on a hem!


Books For Babies

books, GEAR By November 9, 2007 2 Comments

Reading aloud to your baby teaches them about communication, stimulates brain and language development, introduces concepts such as numbers, letters, colours and shapes, builds listening, memory and vocabulary skills and gives babies information about the world around them. When reading, your child hears you using different emotions and sounds, which fosters emotional and social development.


Babies And Plastics

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There is growing debate about the potential health implications of the chemicals that leach from some plastics and their possible side effects on babies. As a precaution, The Consumer Product Safety Commission has advised parents to dispose of soft vinyl teethers and plastic toys that infants chew or suck on. Clear plastic baby bottles are another area of concern. Not much is known about the effect the chemicals in these plastics have on humans, so it may be prudent to limit your baby’s exposure to them.


Safety Zone

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There are lots of products on the market to make your home safe for babies. Many of these items you do not need to consider until your baby is moving around, but one thing that we recommend for immediate use is a bath thermometer, which gauges your water and will indicate if it is too hot. Never leave baby alone in a bath, even for a second.

packing for the hospital

Packing For the Hospital & Childbirth

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So you’re nearing the end of your third trimester, and it’s time to start planning for labour & childbirth. Some important things to remember before the big day!

Have you pre-registered for the hospital? Your doctor’s office will have a registration package for you, which you can fill out at home and mail directly to the hospital. Many hospitals offer a tour of their maternity wards so it’s a good idea to book one for you and your partner to prepare you for your labour and what to expect during your stay. Book early; if you are having multiples you may be put on bedrest and be unable to attend a tour later in your pregnancy. Most hospitals recommend a tour when you are around 20 weeks pregnant.