I love to shop. Shoes, candles, small kitchen appliances all have an allure that is intoxicating. But mattresses? No. Traditionally they are hard to carry, deliver and choose. The pressure is intense – this will be where I you spend 1/3 of my life for years to come! Too much stress. It’s one of those things that should magically happen. A friend tells you which brand to buy, it appears and the old one is magically whisked away. Sure – I’ll change the bedding but that’s as far as it goes. Well, friends.. the game has changed. I just tried Casper mattress in a box and can’t wait to replace every bed in the house.

The Casper Concept

This 100% foam mattress is meticulously compressed and rolled into a long box. Even the double size I ordered was light enough for me to lift without help. The setup is really quite simple – tip over the carton, slide out the mattress and remove the plastic wrap holding it tight. It’s like unrolling a burrito. Once the bed is unrolled on the floor, simply pierce the plastic and the bed comes alive. It’s as if it takes a deep breath of air and transforms into the most comfortable surface you’ve ever slept on. I made a video of the process, including the jumping on the bed afterward. Because you just have to do that. The box is thick, and very tempting to climb into. It should also probably come with a warning for short people that this is not a good idea!

Casper mattress and petsThe Casper Foam

The mattress combines both memory foam and polyfoam to create a firm, supportive surface. Apparently the pets can’t wait to try it out! There are four layers of foam and it is about 10 inches thick. The ones you notice most are the top two layers, and for me there was a perfect amount of bounce back, while I was able to sink gently down and feel like a bird in a nest. I like a firm mattress but with a soft layer on top, and this perfectly fit the bill. It wasn’t until my first full night’s sleep, though, that I was able to appreciate all of the attributes.

Casper Foam Mattress

Casper Zone Support

In the new, 2018 iteration, Casper has added zone support. The mattress has softer foam around the breast and shoulder area, and firmer foam around the hips. Ergonomically, this supports the body better and keeps the back straight.

Casper Mattress Airflow

They use open-cell foams that have tiny pores to let excess hot air escape — so you can stay cool and comfortable. My husband despises being too hot, and I love lots of weight in the bedding so this is always an issue. Because the surface remained so cool, we were both delighted! I love the grey fabric around the sides of the bed. The cover doesn’t bunch up under a fitted sheet, and can also be unzipped and laundered.

The Casper RolloutCasper Warranty and Guarantees

You get 100 nights to truly test out your new mattress, and the company will give a full refund if you are not entirely in love. There are free shipping and returns as well. There is a 10-year limited warranty and the company offers customer service ‘snooze specialists’ who are available every day of the week for questions.

Purchasing a Casper in Canada

There are a few ways to snag this outrageously comfortable mattress. Online the Casper.ca site is simply designed and helpful. There are also great videos to help with your selection. Also online Casper is available at thebay.com and EQ3.com. If you prefer testing before purchase, at 13 Hudson’s Bay locations, and in-store at 6 EQ3 locations, the Casper mattress will be on display in-store, allowing customers to experience the product in-person, pre-purchase. As well, Casper just recently opened its first retail store — the Casper Sleep Shop — in Toronto’s Sherway Gardens.

Throwing away my old mattress was cathartic and empowering in itself. This instagram post details my feelings about the crazy old mattress on the antique iron bed sourced as a young girl. Being able to replace the mattress with something as beautifully designed, comfortable and clever made the experience even more glorious.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Casper Canada. I received a mattress in exchange for an unbiased review and am completely thrilled with my new bed.

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