Sometimes, in my role as ambassador or influencer, I get to work with companies that truly make a difference in the world. This has always been really important to me, even before UrbanMommies existed.

I have never shared this with readers, but as a young adult I was a volunteer for a crisis line. Though the line was for anyone, many of our calls were from youth looking for direction and guidance. We were an organization with a tiny budget and I remember caring for the other volunteers during overnight shifts, trying to stay awake to speak with anyone in need of a chat. Sometimes the calls were trivial, but too many times the issues were not. The phone rang and rang, and often, our volunteers could not handle the volume of people needing support and mentorship. My heart sank every time I was already on a call and I knew another would go unanswered.

Kids Help PhoneNow, in my adult life, I still try to help where I am able, and I am so thrilled to have been part of the Boston Pizza Kids Card Program. My spine is tingling to hear that the Boston Pizza Kids Cards program raised over $900,000 (!!) towards Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects. That means organizations like Kids Help Phone, Big Brothers Big Sisters, JDRF Canada, Live Different and the Rick Hansen Foundation have been given support to do what they all do best – to help kids gain access to mentors and role models.

If you are one of the astute, giving beings who participated, we want to remind you that Saturday – Halloween – is a perfect day to redeem meals from the Kids Cards in-store (remember the cards don’t work for delivery). Saturdays are always a super-busy day for families and this year with Halloween falling on that day, dining at Boston Pizza is a great way to give the little ones a healthy meal before trick or treating and… candy overload.

Boston Pizza Kids MealsWhile you are there, with the kids in perfectly excited moods about the evening ahead, why not share a story or two of how you have helped mentor someone. I may actually use the time to share my own experience on the help line with my kids. Between the Kids Cards and your stories, it will be doubly meaningful, so you will be impacting future generations twofold. Enjoy, and Happy Hallowe’en!

Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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