Too many parents have trouble remembering their passions and yet happy parents help children thrive. Math can be taught just as easily at a Parisian museum as it can by using flashcards (how is that for an excuse to jet to France?) At UrbanMommies we want moms to know that taking care of the soul as well as the family isn’t selfish! We also want to help you create a savvy, luxury family lifestyle without breaking the bank. It’s all about being resourceful, and making choices that will last. My designer luggage from 20 years ago is still in better shape than the budget version my husband purchased every year without fail.

UrbanMommies Lifestyle Magazine is passionate about partnering with brands who have a vision of truly living life – being mindful of moments and showing our children our own joy.

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From charitable giving to high fashion, luxury travel and exquisite food we explore each aspect of a life well lived.

As a staple in online media, UrbanMommies has tremendous experience communicating with our readers, viewers, podcast listeners and social media followers. Our network of 40+ influencers is adept at weaving brand messaging through stories in order to educate while working hard to entertain.

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We offer a wide range of services, including sponsored campaigns, gift guides, social media events, twitter parties (with a minimum guarantee of impressions) as well as video and audio broadcasting, live events and media exposure.

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If you are interested in working with the UrbanMommies community or Jill Amery, please contact us at We look at every opportunity as a way to build a unique program that provides the most potent delivery of your brand messages, while delighting and entertaining our readers. And if we don’t over-deliver we have trouble sleeping at night.