Dyslexia in Children
May 20, 2013, No Comments

Dyslexia can be described as a learning disability which prevents a person from reading, writing, spelling and even spea ...

Vaccinations to Protect Against Meningitis
May 16, 2013, 1 Comment

We have all seen those films about outbreaks and crazy viruses that sweep a community.  Scary music, HASMAT teams and b ...

Best Baby CDs
August 14, 2012, 1 Comment

It is well-established that music is beneficial for children’s mental and emotional development, even in the womb. ...

Beat the Heat
June 5, 2012, 1 Comment

Severe heat can inhibit the safety of babies and children.  With global temperatures on a slow march upwards, heat wave ...

McDonald’s Beef Questions and Answers
December 28, 2011, 2 Comments

As many of our readers know, our publisher was chosen as a McDonald’s All-Access Mom, to see behind the scenes at ...

McDonald’s All-Access Moms: Off to see some Spuds!
September 26, 2011, No Comments

As part of the McDonald’s All-Access Moms program, four Mom writers across Canada have been given the opportunity ...

November 5, 2007, No Comments

Pediatricians Dr. Greene, Dr. Spock and Dr. Sears have helpful websites

Ear Infections in Children
August 1, 2007, No Comments

Ear Infections in Children – Addressing the Root Cause Each year many young children are diagnosed with middle ear inf ...