Implantation Pain – is it Normal?

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Implantation PainWell, as much as you can say anything about pregnancy is normal.  But implantation pain – is it normal?  Some women experience some cramping and pain when implantation of the fertilized egg into the lining in the uterine wall occurs (when you are officially pregnant). In other words, when baby begins to put down roots in your womb, it can hurt a little. The pain usually feels similar to menstrual cramping. This is normal, although infrequent, and it is also perfectly normal NOT to feel any pain at implantation. Your body has to adapt to the new hormone levels it is producing as a result of the pregnancy and your uterus is adjusting to becoming a nest for a growing new human being. This can cause some discomfort as well as some spotting. Pain and/or minor bleeding usually occur about a week after ovulation and should never be severe. But as for the question – is implantation pain normal – this is the beginning of a long process of discovering the unique nature of your own body and how it reacts to pregnancy.  Beth Iovinelli, RN, says that if you do have severe pain or if it is accompanied by fever, chills or considerable bleeding, you should see a doctor immediately. The considerable pain could be a result of an ectopic pregnancy (implantation in the fallopian tube and not the uterus) or a completely unrelated illness such as appendicitis or flu. These serious ailments require treatment from a doctor. If you have concerns or questions about your symptoms or anything else involving your pregnancy, it is always best to consult your doctor.

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For further reading: Visit for the aboce nurse’s response to the issue and our factual information source for this article.

-Danica Longair

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8 Comments on "Implantation Pain – is it Normal?"

  1. puzzcenpa December 16, 2010 at 2:31 am ·

    “Some women also experience some unusual cramping during implantation and even a change in their normal body […”
    You can more about this?

  2. Melissa March 12, 2012 at 9:53 am ·

    i had my period about a week ago. . my fiance and i havin sex since it went off. . But yesterday I started spotting and this mornin I was a little darker and red but its still light and spots off and on and I have little cramping. . I dnt remember any of this with my daughter. . Am I pregnant?

  3. amara March 23, 2012 at 8:13 am ·

    i am 28yrs have been ttc for 10 months. am on 9dpo. have been having sore breast and very mild cramps/twinges for some days, today, the cramp was sort of severe for about 8 minutes and my temps on bbt since ovulation are high. it was 36.7 degrees celcius today. started belching a lot today too. also saw brown discharges on my panties on 8dpo. can i be prego? will appreciate answers.

  4. Msburgos April 25, 2012 at 10:40 am ·

    Hi … I had been spotting for the last sevendays every since wednesday of last week .. And I went to the walk in clinic yesturday and I was told it was a negative prego test. This is abnormal for mi like everyday since wednesday I start off with a pinkish discharge for a couple of hours then its brownish and then it goes off and comes back the next day is this a sign of pregnancy and or its just way too early to take a urine test.. I wuld really appreciated if some could write back asap for some healthful info… N thanks for your time

  5. Miles3 October 12, 2012 at 10:40 am ·

    Me and my husband was fooling around before my O day..actually all that week before. My Period was 9/17 and my O day is 9/30 or 10/1 I think..
    Now I had pinkish / brownish discharge 4dpo to 12 dpo plus headaches, breast tenderness, cramping, and backaches through out to whole time
    And took 2hpt on the 9dpo and 11dpo both say Negative….
    Now my period is support to come in two to three days with the same cramps, breast aches, and mood swings…
    Help period or pregancy … What do u guys think???

  6. anessa May 31, 2015 at 6:27 pm ·

    I had brown blood on. The 29th of may . tjen at 30-31 I had light pink . now I have brown . I already had my period could I be pregnant

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