Trying to get pregnant can be both a very exciting and a very stressful time. Mommies-to-be spend a lot of that time searching the internet for answers to the questions that are running through their head. At Urban Mommies we are here to help you with any advice on pregnancy that you may need.

From conception thru pregnancy thru delivery, most new parents can’t help but wonder at every sign and question.

From what to eat when trying to get pregnant to whether or not there are foods that are actually help your body be better prepared to have a baby.

A lot of women wonder if spotting before your period means that they could be pregnant.

There are a lot of symptoms of early pregnancy that are often confused with premenstrual symptoms. So many women may wonder, “Am I getting my period, or am I pregnant?” The truth is, the only real way to know if you are pregnant is by a missed period, yet there are often signs of pregnancy very early that one can recognize in hindsight.

A lot of doctors and moms say it is impossible to know when implantation has happened, but that doesn’t stop new moms from wondering what the signs of implantation can be.

Maybe you’re not 100% sure you want to get pregnant, or just don’t want to get your hopes up? Then you may be looking for reasons your period might be late.

And then, as you are wondering and hoping if you are pregnant, you may wonder if you are feeling implantation pain, and if that’s normal.

Something most women search on the internet, but no one really wants to know about, is how I can tell if I’ve miscarried. It’s a scary thought, every woman waits for that 3 month mark, when they feel the danger has passed.

You are finally pregnant! Now what?

We can help with 20 pregnancy essentials; products, services, tips and tricks that will make the next nine months go smoothly for you and help you to enjoy every day.

And now, your clothes are starting to get a little tight, even those favorite stretchy yoga pants. So where should you go to find the best maternity clothes in Canada?

And what about names? As soon as you know your little one is on his or her way, you can’t help but wonder, what will my new baby’s name be? You may want to read about the most unique baby names or maybe the top baby names in Canada.

And while you are relaxing, and once the baby is here, music is of the essence. You may start to look for the best baby music cd’s to listen to with your precious one.

And now, you have your little family. Why don’t you think of taking a trip? Just for fun, here are 12 family things to do in Victoria, BC.

If you feel you have more questions, our site is full of advice on Pregnancy, and answers to so many of your questions about pregnancy and family. Have a search around the site and you will find so much valuable information for you as you start this wonderful journey!