Japanese Restaurant Viva Azteca

17 Tips for Rocking your Sunwing Vacation with Viva Resorts in the Mexican Riviera

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Our family just returned from falling in love with the Viva Wyndham Azteca through Sunwing Vacations. While our getaways are usually complicated, this time we went to one place for the entire thing – sunwing.ca. Not only is Sunwing a full-service airline, but they provide transfers, evaluate hotels, ensure value in their excursions, and allow you to book everything in one place. Typically, it can take a few days to get acclimatized and relaxed as your vacation begins. We don’t want you to miss an ounce of pleasure or relaxation, so the kids and I put together a few tips and tricks that could help you milk every second of your getaway.

Outdoor movie night

Hang on to Summer with an Outdoor Movie Night

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The outdoor movie night concept has entertained families for generations. I remember watching old black and white family movies on reels with a huge screen as a little girl. Thankfully, technology has advanced and these fun evenings aren’t so much of a production – so to speak. The invites, snacks and technology are now the easy part. The only challenge is choosing the film! Here’s what we used for a recent impromptu event.

Last minute back to school

Last Minute Back to School Organizing

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When it comes to ‘Back to School’, I slump into sadness at another summer gone. In a way, though, September can be a time of rebirth and renewal, and a great opportunity to get the family organized. This year we have a few tricks up our sleeve to transition seamlessly into school and work life. Here are a few ideas we are implementing this year in order to streamline and succeed!

becauseyouteach campaign

Rewarding our Mentors #BecauseYouTeach

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I remember them all. Mrs. Connelly taught me cursive and made me want to use it to write great stories one day. Mr. Grant praised me in front of the whole gym class for finishing a race with my leg bleeding even though I came last. Miss Tanner found math riddles in her spare time, and that year I crossed the arithmetic threshold and became fascinated with Fibonacci, perfect squares and golden rectangles.

Check Your Exhaust

Why You Need to Check Your Exhaust System

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Ostrich. That’s what I can be when it comes to anything mechanical. Planes, trains and automobiles are amazing, as long as they work. Lately, I’ve had a boat engine not start, my Vespa not engaging into gear and the brakes on my son’s bike falling off. I need to do better. I need to understand maintenance on a much higher level – or at the very least be diligent about getting my vehicles serviced regularly.


There’s Nothing Fishy About Summer Fun

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We all wistfully count every summer moment with our kids, knowing that there will be a time when there are no more long, lazy days. Sometime in August, though, a chorus of ‘I’m Bored!’ rings through the house. The blowup backyard wading pool has lost its intrigue and you are breaking all of your parenting rules by caving in to extending their gaming time on a daily basis. By now, camps are all full and also expensive. Take a deep breath, because there are some amazing options!

Casper Mattress in a Box

My Casper Mattress in a Box

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I love to shop. Shoes, candles, small kitchen appliances all have an allure that is intoxicating. But mattresses? No. Traditionally they are hard to carry, deliver and choose. The pressure is intense – this will be where I you spend 1/3 of my life for years to come! Too much stress. It’s one of those things that should magically happen. A friend tells you which brand to buy, it appears and the old one is magically whisked away. Sure – I’ll change the bedding but that’s as far as it goes. Well, friends.. the game has changed. I just tried Casper mattress in a box and can’t wait to replace every bed in the house.

Reduce Single-Use Plastic

How to Reduce Single-Use Plastic

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Single-use plastic is a huge issue in our society, and we have all grown up with the convenience it provides. Unfortunately, our environment, oceans and animals are being adversely affected by its disposal. Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans. This amount will increase 10x by 2020. Looking around my house, it feels next to impossible to eliminate all plastic, but every solution has a beginning. I am choosing to begin with trying to reduce single-use plastics like straws, bags and water bottles.

Honda Celebration of Lights

Kid-Friendly Places to Watch the Vancouver Honda Celebration of Lights

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Summer in Vancouver means the annual Honda Celebration of Lights is near! With kids in tow, fireworks can sometimes be daunting. Parking and transit need to be figured out, snacks packed and a plan set in place. While English Bay and Kitsilano Beach are the uber-popular viewing areas, there are a few more family-friendly venues to observe the spectacle around Vancouver.