Lab Loves Food

It’s Not My Fault my Labrador Loves Food

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I have a lot of friends who have opted to be pet parents instead of kid parents. While they know enough not to lambaste me on decisions about breastfeeding or screen time, they always seem to have criticism and advice about how I raise my beloved cat and purebred English Lab. Our dog Piper, in particular, has always been a going concern for the judgy-friend posse. Does she have fleas? She seems overweight. Does she look puffy to me? Am I exercising her properly? Are you reading the latest pet magazines to stay up to date? It is so ironic that I started UrbanMommies to combat the judgement and lack of solid information about pregnancy and parenting, and ten years later I’m in the same situation, but with my pets.


Minecraft Explained

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If you have kids, chances are you are aware of the epic game that is Minecraft. It took me a while to figure it out, and chances are if you are new to the scene you need to have the intricacies of Minecraft explained as well. Available in gaming console or computer version or on tablets, this spatially-rich building game allows your character to build a three-dimensional world while avoiding zombies, creepers, spiders, skeletons and endermen. Our whole family plays and the experiences we’ve had have given us bonding time and amazing memories.

honda santa fe

Spread Holiday Cheer with the Santa Fe Sleigh

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Today I decorated my 5th holiday tree. The neighbourhood kids and I made a gingerbread house decked out with bushels of candy, and I polished off the remainder of the online gift buying while they sipped rich hot chocolate and watched holiday films. I am one of the VERY lucky ones. As are my kids. Many, many others are not so lucky. Did you know that 1 in 7 (or 4.9 million) people in Canada live in poverty? Imagine sending a letter to Santa and being the only kid in your class whose wish goes unanswered. Imagine looking at a huge turkey dinner commercial on TV while you eat plain noodles for your entire holiday.

duracell powering smiles

Power More Smiles this Holiday

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Most of us as parents have become pretty smart in terms of Christmas morning organization and Hanukkah gift openings. With screwdriver and batteries on hand, we watch them delightedly tear open the presents and promptly fall in love with the loudest one. After an hour, the batteries die. Wha? It’s at this point we realize that it was on ‘tester’ mode, and the company also put in crappy batteries. Duracell and mini screwdriver to the rescue!

Education on YouTube

YouTube isn’t Just Cat Videos: Using YouTube to Supplement Public School Education

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As the amount of information on the internet multiplied by infinity every day, much of that vastness is an uninspiring wasteland made mostly of cat videos and epic fails at it’s best and venomous hate and degrading pornography at it’s worst. Some days it’s hard to find the one gem that’s worth learning from. But there is a lot of great content out there, and I’ve found YouTube to be a particularly great resource, especially to enhance my children’s understanding of the world. Will education on YouTube work in your home? My guess is yes.


As God Is My Witness, I Shall Never Diet Again. Part 1.

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Sometimes I have thought that if I could have any superpower, I would want the power to eat everything I want to and have it all be a) good for me and b) not able to make me fat. This, out of all the available superpowers. Why would I want to fly? Or walk through walls? No, I want my superpower to be eating.

It is really kind of sad, if you think about it. And also possibly a tiny bit unhealthy. But, there you have it. I HAVE AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD.

gifts to make your kid smarter

3 Gifts Ideas that will make your kid smarter than you

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Looking for gifts to make your kid smarter?

When I was 7 I’m pretty sure I was playing dolls and dress up and games of pretend Star Wars. I’m not sure how many times I whined “I don’t want to be Leia again. Girls can be Luke too.”

These days, toys can do WAY more than they could in my day. And, with a seven year old who is primed and ready for learning new skills through play, I was beyond thrilled to take a closer look at 3 STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) toys that will absolutely make your kid smarter than you…or a least mine smarter than me.  I also enlisted my husband, who has a PhD in Astrophysics to help me get the down low on these three not-your-typical-toy gift ideas.

Crayon Transfers

Quick Craft: Iron-On Crayon T’s

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I came across the idea for making crayon drawings into iron-on crayon transfer designs several years ago. But it wasn’t until I was looking for some way (other than the promise of cupcakes) to get my young children excited about attending their older cousin’s baby shower that I realized how beautifully this quick craft might transform into a handmade gift. 


Do More of What You Love

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Anyone else familiar with that corner of your life soundtrack that doesn’t instill immense pride or happiness? In case you aren’t quite recognizing it, I refer to the monotony of existence that sounds like: “I can’t mom! I have math homework. Not now, dear. Mommy has to finish making dinner. I’d love to, but the car needs a wash. I don’t even have time for a shower, let alone a baseball game.”

Well, on one side there is tedium that can define ‘living’, but somewhere, there is also an alternate pulse that we often forget to harness. I’m sure you know the one I mean – the butterflies in your stomach in seeing your first ‘crush’, the ethereal morning light hours after you’ve given birth to a child. The tiny hand that reaches for yours after being startled by a noise… The magic times. The happiness. The entertainment that explains what it is truly like to be alive.

Flu Shot

A Jab in the Arm: Get Your Flu Shot Now!

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Flu Season is almost upon us again, and although we’ve come a long way from the years when these types of illnesses could wipe out whole cities, the flu is still deadly serious. The CDC has estimated that between the 1976 and 2007 flu seasons, deaths attributed to flu ranged from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people in the US. For most people in the first world, the flu is just a difficult week or two; for many, it’s literally deadly. Worldwide, according to CDC estimates, flu affects approximately one billion people per year: three to five million will be  severely affected and between 250,000 to 500,000 will die.

Sun and Moon

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Tips to Catch ’em all

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Recently I attended the Pokémon Sun and Moon launch event here in Toronto. This year is the 20th anniversary of Pokémon. Did that make you feel old? Thankfully I had my next generation Pokémon fan with me to talk me through the games.

In case you’ve been living under a rock this year, Pokémon saw a huge resurgence with the wildly popular PokémonGo. While that game has pulled in the masses, the true fans have been wait for the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon games for the Nintendo 3DS.