Hiding The Electronics Guilt

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Sounds of electronics filled the air as I happily chopped up some things to get dinner ready.

The doorbell rang and I froze.

Not even a moment later, I jumped into action by grabbing and hiding the Ipads away from two now unhappy children before I got to the door.

What kind of mother would anyone think I am if the minute we get home, my son and daughter are given electronics to entertain themselves?


Have a Little Faith – Just Take this Leap!

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Children have big dreams. Usually, these dreams seem so far-fetched that grow ups will say, “That’s impossible,” but the heart of a child knows better. Even if the youngest of my companions during a screening of the animated film Leap! could see all best friends Felicie and Victor really need is the courage and the faith to take a leap if they want to realize their dreams of reaching Paris to become a ballerina and inventor. 


How To: A Simple Glow-Up for Busy Moms

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You know when you grab your phone to scroll through Facebook while eating the last few bites of your child’s cheese string, and somehow the selfie camera is activated, and you’re like “who is this tired beast who has given up on herself?” We know the feeling too.

As Moms we do our very best to make sure our families are happy, healthy and not on hour 10 of screen time. Our own self-care becomes an after thought. Child has a weird bruise? Drop everything and make doctor’s appointment immediately. We lose a knuckle while grating cheese for a casserole the kids don’t eat? Wrap it in 50 Moana Band-Aids and pour an extra glass of wine after bedtime to ease the throbbing.

We are the glue that holds the family together – sticky and weary, strong, and somehow covered in glitter yet we constantly put ourselves last, daydreaming about when we had the time for a proper “beauty routine.”


More Toothy Smiles, Less Pain

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Teething pain is something I expected to encounter with my babies, and I felt confident I could provide pain relief and comfort. As a new mom, I was inundated with tips and tricks to help my teething babies. I gave them chew toys, cool washcloths, breastmilk popsicles, and more.


Stop Motion Video: Non-Stop Fun!

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My son doesn’t enjoy writing very much but he does love making video. He is such an expressive, creative little person and he’s always looking for new ways to express himself on video. He transformed our front door into a backdrop, making his name out of tin foil shapes and adding an approximation of the silver play button he hopes to receive one day for all his hard work. He recently received Stikbot Studio Pro and 2 Stikbot Pet Singles to help him in his video production efforts for his Youtube channel. 


The Best Google Home Commands for Parents

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I am such a tech lover. It makes me more productive, allows me to have more time for family, and can solve every day frustrations. This is why, from the moment I heard about smart home technology, I embraced every new item I could. Unable to whip out and upgrade my kitchen appliances, I started small with fun and manageable options.

Spy Games

Unlock the Secrets to Spy Games with YULU

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Even as a little guy, my son had a knack for solving puzzles. At his daycare they called him ‘Baby Houdini’, because he quickly learned how to open various locks on the gates and doors between areas. If he sees us enter a passcode even once on a device or during an electronic purchase, we have to change it immediately, because he will never forget the one he just learned. Like many boys his age, he is prone to being loud and clumsy, but he’s also stunningly stealthy when he goes into “ninja-mode.” It’s like he was born to be a spy.

Mobile Phones Best Buy

A Simpler Mobile Phone Experience

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As progressive as I think I am…. some traditions have become the norm, and I have never even questioned whether or not there are other ways to do things. Making macaroni and cheese, for instance (not from scratch).. I have done it the exact same way for years – butter first and then milk. Painting my nails – left before right. Unloading the dishwasher – glasses and then cutlery. Old habits. Some may be the best way for me to tackle them, while in other cases, methods may have progressed over time, and I have simply not noticed.


How To Bounce Back From Travel Missteps

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The best laid plans can fall by the wayside when you’re travelling. The majesty of your destination, the excitement of the journey and all the planned activities can make you forget about the health precautions you take in every day life. It’s easy to forget routine on a one in a life time experience where there is nothing routine. These are some vacation health mistakes that are easy to make and how to bounce back in time to enjoy your vacation.


Yes, Balancing Nature and Technology is Possible!

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I am not a very black and white person, and my parenting style reflects this. Sometimes I think it would be easier to guide with a bit more discipline and less flexibility, but I tend to parent with much more fluidity then rules and regulations. One area where this has been a challenge is in monitoring the use of technology for my children and learning what is appropriate and what is not.