Breastfeeding Sucess

Baby Gear for Breastfeeding Success

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Remember the joy of shopping for a newborn? What if you were a newcomer to Canada and were having a fourth baby and got to choose anything for the little one? We were blessed to be able to work with Best Buy Canada and a gracious young family to gift them some baby essentials of their choice. Readers know that I have a huge love of the Filipino community (as well as the Philippines!) and it was amazing to be able to interview Ronna about her growing family and her priorities this time around.

Woman's Bra and underwear drawer top and bottom

Boobies After Babies – Change is Good

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Sometimes I think about the girls, you know, before the babies arrived. All high and perky and stuff. But then I think about myself before the babies, and I can’t really relate to “life before babies” me anymore. Then I take a deep breath and accept that boobies after babies… they’re not so bad.

Despite the change in address (they’ve def moved a few blocks south) they’re still in a respectable neighbourhood. And really, considering what they went through, or what we went through together… I can’t really complain.

Excited family on a road trip in car, rear passenger POV

Taking the Stress Out of Your Family Road Trip

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With summer only a few sunrises away, many families in North America are planning to gas up, hit the open road, and spend some quality time together. Whether your road trip is going to last a few days or stretch over many weeks, cramming a family into a small space can be a catalyst for stress and worry. We believe that your road trip should consist of more memory-making than worry-creating, so here are a few tips to help ease the potential stressors that may arise so you can focus on family.


The Etiquette of Online Invitations

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Though I adore an old-fashioned letterpress invitation sent through the mail, with busy lives and hundreds of birthday and holiday parties, online invites have become the trend. I was gifted a signed first edition of Emily Post’s Everyday Etiquette from my Great Aunt, yet there is no chapter on the etiquette of online invitations! One of the great benefits, besides being thrifty, is that digital invites are great for the environment and are becoming more and more accepted. But what are some of the do’s and don’ts?

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My Softball Mom Skin Care Routine

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Use sunscreen or feel the wrath of the burn.  It’s pretty clear cut for my family…..Wear sunscreen or mom will chase you around and put some in the middle of your forehead. Thus causing you to fully sunscreen your face lest you have a non-tanned spot smack in the middle! There has been a time or two I was so concerned about making sure the kids’ skin was protected I forgot about my own. OUCH! As a now 40(+) year old mama, I am more and more aware of the damage the sun can cause. And wrinkles. I don’t want any wrinkles that aren’t from laughing and have fun in my life! I’m not a big makeup wearer but don’t care for the shine traditional sunscreen leaves on my face. This caused a bit of a conundrum for me – how to protect my face and look my best?

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Bacon Is My Love Language

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Some women love flowers. Some women love shoes. This woman loves bacon. Crispy, smoky, delicious bacon makes my heart flutter romantically. “True love is sharing your bacon” – this is my life philosophy and also why Hallmark probably won’t ever buy card concepts from me (but wouldn’t you want to buy one that said that? It’s just so relatable.)

There is nothing I love more than breakfast in bed. My friends actually used to host an annual bacon potluck where each guest would bring their own bacon related dish to share. It was so much fun (and so much bacon!)  One year we actually had 13.5 pounds of bacon on the table and in all the years it was held no recipes were repeated. I wouldn’t have minded if they repeated the bacon wrapped stuffing. That was lovely. 


A Colorful Pain Free Success at Color Me Rad

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This post is brought to you by the makers of MOTRIN®

Preparing for race day is a mathematical equation for me. Hydration + Nutrition + Stretching = race day success! Now all people measure success differently. Crossing the finish line with minimal recovery time is how I measure my success. Time doesn’t mean much if I can barely move the next day. As a mom, my children rely on me being able to play, run and get out the door on time.

Our mornings move at a sloth like pace in on a good day. This can make preparations somewhat challenging. I have learned the correct amount of food and water is crucial before racing. Eating and drinking too much or too little close to the start time can hinder your performance.

The concept of love parenthood and a happy family. Mother and child daughter show heart from hands at sunset on beach

Mommy And Me Swimwear… What could be cuter?

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Summer is finally here! And it’s most definitely our favorite season. My family spends a ton of time getting wet–whether via sprinkler, pool, pond, lake, or water park. We practically live in our bathing suits from the moment it hits 65 degrees until September. And I have to admit, I have a thing for cute bathing suits. Maybe more than a thing… an expensive obsession?!? Last year, my one-year-old daughter had about six bathing suits. And I’m a sucker for anything retro.

But this year, I’ve found a way to step it up. Not just adorable bathing suits… matching bathing suits! Enter Moderne Child Shoppe and their super stylish Mommy and Me swimwear line. They sent me a pair of swimsuits for my daughter and I to sample and we fell in love!


DERMAFLASH – A New Paradigm in Beauty

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They had me at “hummingbird wings.”

I was super excited to be asked to review DERMAFLASH in exchange for trying the product – partly because I love to get things in the mail, so much so that I unwrap them on the front porch as you can see, and partly because I thought Dermaplaning was something you did on vacation in the Swiss Alps.

Travel Vests

7 Reasons Travel Vests Beat Booster Seats when Traveling

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The worst part about traveling with kids, especially when flying, is carrying all their stuff. Even if you take the bare minimum of entertainment and snacks, you’re stills stuck with all the necessities, “what ifs” and worst of all: car seats.

Because it’s not safe to rent a car seat, and it’s not advised to check a car seat (even gateside) for risk of it getting lost or damaged, and all kids require some form of safety device getting to and from the airport if riding in a car, that leaves most parents schlepping car seats on and off the airplane. And often multiple seats if there are multiple kids involved!