Lunchbox Notes

Lunchbox Notes to Combat School Anxiety

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It’s every parent’s biggest worry. Will they have so much fun at school they don’t want to come home? OK maybe not the BIGGEST, but it still ranks up there. Especially if your kids have some anxiety about leaving you or being in school, a developmentally-appropriate lunchbox note can go a long way. Before they are reading, familiar images or photographs can be great. I can’t wait to start sending Shakespeare verses once my boys get older… I’m sure they will be SO thrilled with that!!

Household Cleaning Checklists

The Best 7 Household Cleaning Checklists + {free download}

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Everyone cleans differently, and it can be super annoying when people develop complicated checklists specifying how you have to dust lampshades on Tuesday when you hardly have time to take a shower. (BTW cleaning the shower when you’re in it is a great time-saver. Then use the wet towel to wipe the bathroom floor before tossing it in the laundry you don’t have time to do.) You didn’t know I was THAT smart, did you?

Three kids at the beach on march break

March Break – Without The Mishaps

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I just love March break, there’s no school and we are free to travel with the kids and explore. I think they really do need the break! In all the excitement, it’s really important to make sure you’re prepared before you rush out the door. It’s all about contingency planning – think about the things that could go wrong and planning for them so you don’t waste a minute of your precious family time on common (and avoidable!) vacation fails. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or a water slide, make the most of your time off with these simple tips.


Which Came First: The Book or The Movie

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I love to read and I love to watch Netflix. A lot of shows and movies on Netflix were based on really great books. It’s hard to know whether it’s better to read a book first or see the movie adaptation, or if one ruins the other or makes it better. Are you excited to find more details in the book, or disappointed they were left out of the movie? Whichever your preference, this is a list of movie and TV adaptations of books that you can find on Netflix:


Stain Removal Tips for Clean Freaks

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Laundry can feel like an Olympic event. In my house, laundry is like my inbox – it’s never quite at zero. While we can teach kids to re-use towels and make sure clothes are ‘actually’ dirty before tossing them in the hamper, there will always be stains that need a bit of extra time to deal with. With the right tools, stain removal tips and Bill Nye the Science guy techniques, though, stains shouldn’t slow you down too much. If you deal with stains right away, you save a ton of time. Another trick is to mark stains with a clothes peg so that you don’t accidentally miss them and (worst possible outcome) put them in the dryer to really set the stain. We have a great LAUNDRY LABELS for common laundry room stain removers so you can make gorgeous jars. If you have to do laundry anyway you should be surrounded by beauty!

Coding for Kids

Free Kids Programs with Apple

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Parents looking for fun and inspiring activities to do for the family or kids can turn to their local Apple store to register for free kids programs with Apple through “Today at Apple” spanning coding, photography, music and arts lead by Apple Creatives. These are also relevant to UrbanMommies readers in Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba too. Here are some examples of the programming offered at Apple stores across the Lower Mainland!


Better Than Best

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The onset of a new calendar year is always a perfect time to rejuvenate and recalibrate my goals. This year, we’re also blessed with a world event that makes me want to raise the bar even higher. From February 9-25, I will hunker down with excitement to view the inspiring and dedicated athletes who will compete in the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake

Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake

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My elementary school, Sir Charles Tupper, produced a cookbook and this recipe for Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake was in it. We still serve it for Christmas every year. I remember my mom entertaining, and eating this for breakfast the next day! I don’t think there’s anything more decadent than cheesecake for breakfast. The richness is delicious and satisfying. It’s amazing when you stop to think about how many memories we have that are tied to food! What food holds special memories for you?

World Breast Pumping Day concept image of pump and baby items

Why We Need World Breast Pumping Day

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The breastfeeding world can be noisy and overwhelming. Sometimes it’s exclusionary, especially for women who don’t exclusively breastfeed their babes straight from the breast. The way we choose to feed our babies is a personal decision. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Parents have to decide what will work best for their babies, their families, and themselves. It can be a challenging decision. That difficult choice can be made even more difficult by feeling ostracized or judged if the chosen feeding method isn’t what society has deemed is “best.”