Ideas for SIMPLE Weekday Eggs

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My sons do sports and run around every chance they get, and most of the time, are so passionate about play that they are too distracted to eat. Our family has tried so many things in order to give them continuous energy on school days, but the very best solution has been to make sure they eat eggs in the morning. (We’re still working on finishing school lunches but at least they have some sustained energy from breakfast!) The only problem with this lofty egg goal is that Mommy doesn’t always hear her alarm…. The truth is that eggs aren’t just for weekends. Sure – you can reheat ‘weekend eggs’ during the week, but it’s amazing to make them fresh – and fast – every day. I’ve come up with  easy ways to ensure they get this amazing protein each day – even when we all have a wee sleep in.

Baby recently bathed with Johnson's

The Memories that Raise You

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There are a few reminiscences I have from when I was small that always give me comfort. I remember watching soap operas while sitting in a laundry basket when my Mom ironed clothes. I remember the yellow plastic mugs that always held hot chocolate on chilly days. And I remember the smell of JOHNSON’S® baby lotion after my nightly bath.

Real estate for sale sign in front of a house

Finding Your New Home

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I must admit that I am one of those people who ‘chills out’ by scanning real estate listings and dreaming of décor, lifestyles and adventures in different locations. Now, in an exciting new rebranding of, now Real Estate Wire, I can search to my heart’s content across Canadian neighbourhoods on The searches are incredibly comprehensive, and allow me to include parameters like square feet, the age of home I am coveting, and the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. The site also lists open houses and new developments. If you don’t have an agent, it will also get help you find one! You’re on your own when it comes to packing your grandmother’s china, though.


An Old Family Recipe – Murial’s Brown Bread

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Today Ford was home sick from school so we took some time to bake a family favourite recipe that I so love on our Facebook live segment. We usually have Facebook lives on Mondays and Thursdays at noon Pacific time and baking and cooking is something I really enjoy doing live on Facebook. Normally when I’m making this particular dish, I double the batch so I have more to eat and some to freeze so that I can enjoy it later. It’s such a time saver!


Apple Black Friday

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You and I know we all want the Black Friday deals. And the Apple stuff. Well, it seems they have dealt us a curve by releasing it all based on time zone.  Amazing if it works, but how does that even happen?! I personally have 7 minutes to go before the big reveal.

Advent Calendar

Playing Around with Advent

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The Body Shop has long been known for not testing products on animals, but they are so much more! Body butters, luxury spa quality products, and true innovations are also part of their lineup. This year, with a ‘spa of the world’ mantra, they have introduced firming products like a French grapeseed scrub and Ethiopian green coffee cream. I am holding my breath for their insanely fun play-based advent calendars packed with all of the hottest products of the year. The holiday gifts and sets are perfect gifts for teachers, friends, moms, dads and everyone who loves self-care and good quality product. 

holiday gift guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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It’s here! Our 2017 holiday gift guide will fill your head and heart with our curated ideas for each member of your precious family. It took a lot of hours and much crowd-sourcing but we think we’ve prepared some pretty cool picks, just in time for the Black Friday sales. This year we have 10 guides listed all below, so you needn’t click around. We wish you the merriest of Christmases, the happiest of Hanukkahs and the best Kwanzaa ever. Have a peaceful, joyful season and make every memory with your kids count. xx


A Letter to Myself Before Becoming a Mother

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I remember finding out I was going to be a mother. I headed straight to the store for Every. Possible. Book. Surely hours of reading would prepare me for pregnancy and then the years ahead with children. I was freaked out. My body was changing and somehow I thought that if I owned the most popular baby products and got on the Mother Goose registration list early, then everything would fall into place and be PERFECT. This was not the case.

Looking back now, I wish I had been able to read a letter of guidance from an older me.

Walmart Toy Academy

Helping Parents Stay Hip With the Latest Toy Trends

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My kids are growing up, and I can’t seem to keep on top of the trends. They come home from school with new words and expressions and I have to check the urban dictionary to figure out if their day was good or bad! The other day my son said that my hat was ‘lit’ and I worried I was on fire. It’s hard to look like a cool mom when you don’t know the ‘savage’ lingo. See? I’m catching on.

As language trends change, so do the popular toys. As a busy mom, I certainly don’t have time to figure out what is popular. It’s a full-time job to help with homework and decipher what they are saying!