The Inner Journey of Pregnancy

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Birth with a Doulaby Doula Jacquie Munro.  During a client’s first pregnancy, I’m continually trying to think of the best way to help her prepare for this life-changing event. Over the months, we certainly talk on the phone about her physical changes. But her emotional changes, her expectations, values and priorities are of even greater importance.  Often, a woman’s inner wisdom is at odds with the societal standard, and my job is to help strengthen her confidence.


Time Changes and Jet Lag

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A big concern many parents have about traveling is how time changes and jet lag will affect their child’s routine and sleeping patterns.  It’s a valid concern; we all know how jet lag makes us feel (zonked and cranky), and who wants to cope with a toddler in that same state?  According to pretty much any book or article you read, children cope with time changes and jet lag much better than adults do, acclimatizing much faster.


Panty by Post

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Panty by PostOh la la!  Opening the mail has never been so exciting.  Instead of bills and flyers, what appeared in my mailbox today?  Nothing other than the sexiest, frilly French panties that I have ever seen.  Panty by Post is the brainchild of Natalie Grunberg and Lori Sholzberg, and in our estimation, will up Canada’s birthrate by alot.  Great as a gift delivered monthly, you can order one, six or twelve pairs of sexy panties.  Sure to boost your self esteem during the pregnancy or postpardom period, the marketing for the company features naturally beautiful women who are not airbrushed.  Fabulous! 


BC Healthguide and 811 Nurseline

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What to do when a toddler falls on his face and your see the first blood EVER?!?  Or nothing will stop the baby’s crying and you’re starting to wonder…  The BC Nurseline is a great resource!  Now, you can just dial 811 from anywhere in the lower mainland, and you’ll be connected.  Make sure you have your child’s care card ready when you dial.  They keep your child’s history on file so that each time you call, you are not starting from scratch.  Our time is very valuable, after all.


Green Nursery Tips

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The best thing about being green is that simple is best.  Choices are (fortunately or not) less plentiful, and certain decisions are a given.  Low VOC paint?  Check.  Carpet?  Nope.  Particleboard furniture?  Uh, uh.  The basic concept from a health standpoint is the toxins in the substances.  Volatile organic compounds as well as the glue used in making pressboard, particleboard and chipboard, and chemicals in carpeting are released into the air over time.  No number of spider plants will eliminate the chemicals forever.  Choosing wood furniture can be a better choice, not only from an environmental perspective, but from a financial one.


Storkcraft Crib Recall

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This is the latest.  The second on in a year for Storkcraft.  Wow.  Please read all of the details below, and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest recalls.

DATE:  November 24, 2009

Product Name: Stork Craft Drop-Side Cribs and Stork Craft Drop-Side Cribs with Fisher-Price Logo

Joint Recall with Stork Craft, Health Canada and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC)


10 Months and Sleepless

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Q – My baby is 10 months old and I am still up every 3 hours all night.  I think I need to get some sleep in order to function properly during the day.  How can I get my baby to sleep?

A – The way that your baby falls asleep is probably the way that your baby has to return to sleep during their night wakings.  So you would want to start making changes at bedtime and then again do the same thing at all night wakings.  You will have to teach your baby to fall asleep without props so that they can learn to return to sleep when they next wake up.  The type of method that you could use would depend on a couple of factors but the underlying key in any method is for them to go into their crib aware – sleepy but awake.


Gentle Sleep Solutions

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Q – What are some gentle methods I can use to encourage sleep if I don’t feel comfortable letting the baby cry?

A – It’s very hard to train a baby to fall asleep by themselves without some crying as very often you are changing what the baby knows.  As an example if the baby is used to being nursed to sleep and you would like to teach them how to fall asleep by themselves they will cry on the first night whether you are in or out of the room as they are naturally responding to the changes that you have made of not nursing them.