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Tot to Go baby slingsThe tot-to-go™ Baby Sling is a fashionable solution for carrying and bonding with your baby hands free! Available in chic fabrics and prints, the tot-to-go™ Baby Sling is the perfect way to comfortably cozy up with your baby and look fabulous at the same time. With up to 5 versatile wearing positions, you will find the tot-to-go™ suitable for any stage of your baby’s physical and emotional development.
The sleek, one piece design is ultra compact and easy to take anywhere. It also doubles up as a change pad or blanket so you have less clutter in your diaper bag! tot-to-go™–Your Life’s Essential.  Available at


Your Thyroid Could Be Making You Tired

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Your Thyroid Could Be Making You TiredFatigue is a common complaint in a physician’s office.  Many people are feeling run down and tired.  They don’t wake up rested and have a lack of energy in completing daily tasks of life. Naturopathic medicine aims to find the cause of fatigue.  Although there are many reasons for fatigue ranging from insomnia to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, under active thyroid function – or hypothyroidism – is often a part of the problem. Your thyroid could be making you tired.