Summer in Stanley Park

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When you spend $8 to park for the day, it’s a good idea to make an event of it. Is it possible with kids? Oh yes. The Vancouver Aquarium (and its new baby beluga) aside, there are tons of kid-friendly activities that will also provide ample photo ops for a good holiday card shot. We suggest you start with a picnic breakfast at Second Beach. The tables seem to jut into the ocean, and you see both Lighthouse Park and UBC while nibbling on your croissant.


Choosing the Best Sunscreen

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Choosing a sunscreen isn’t easy. The number of brands – new and old – packing the shelves seems endless and researchers are constantly churning out new findings on what ingredients are deemed ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for our health. For safe, effective protection for your family, here are 7 tips to keep in mind when choosing your sunscreen this summer, from eco boutique Lavish & Lime.


Finding Summer Childcare

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Summer ChildcareWHEN: Start Early. Beware the ides of March…because after that, before you know it …It’s June 15th.  Heads up,  If you are looking for someone to start in June… you should start your search at the end of March. Great, organized, on the ball nannies/babysitters/employees will also be looking early. If you leave it to the last minute…pickings can get quite slim.


Cut it up

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toddler foodWe’re a bit lazy.  But clever.  The next time you need to cut up some of the baby’s food, don’t get out the cutting board and knife, then chop off your manicured nails while getting the pieces small enough for your little princess.  Put the food in a bowl and cut it up with scissors held vertically.  Throw them in the dishwasher and voila!  Manicure saved.  You can also do this with our easy first foods ideas, and freeze small pieces instead of puree.


Happy Birthday Banner

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Birthday BannerCloth, heirloom, reusable for multiple kids… aah.  In today’s climate of choosing your spending wisely, this is a good pick.  A banner to string above the party table is a must.  Many colour options are available (including a hip new cowboy motif) , and this tradition will create memories to last a lifetime.


Motherease Cloth Diapers

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MothereaseThis is not your Mom’s decision.  And it’s not the pre-folds with pins either. Fluffy terry material is soft on their bums (and free of chemicals), and the plastic snaps ensure a good fit.  Elastic around the legs is our preference (in their Sandy’s line), and the air-flow covers almost ensure no leaks or scratches from velcro.  Add a thermos full of hot water, some bamboo washcloths, and a dry diaper pail, and voila!  We like to wash every 2 days, and flushable liners are always a good thing, which save time and your washing machine.  And the kudos and green-points you get from doing cloth?  Priceless.