blog with urbanmommiesUrbanMommies is a well-known digital lifestyle magazine that believes in moms following their passions and spreading their best back to their families. We’re the first to admit that we don’t know all the answers. It truly takes a village, and we’d love for you to be part of ours. As a unit, all of our blogs and writing become stronger, and we are able to offer our writers more and more opportunities to earn, thrive and help each other.

We want to welcome new contributors to blog with UrbanMommies and expand the opportunities for all of our community members. If you are a writer looking to contribute to a parenting blog please let us know!

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As a regular contributor to the UrbanMommies Community we welcome you to enjoy the following opportunities:

  • A personal bio and image on the urbanmommies community page, with links to your website and social accounts
  • A micro bio under each of your published content pieces, including social links
  • An invitation to a private facebook group where you will receive updates, engage with others, find out about professional development and job opportunities, and receive support from the team.
  • Sponsored opportunities on UrbanMommies at a set rate per post.
  • A professional editor to improve your writing.
  • Feature of 1 contributor monthly on the UrbanMommies newsletter to over 7000 subscribers.
  • Content support and shares via our social channels.


  • Delivery of min 1 original content piece per month uploaded directly to the Urbanmommies’ WordPress website to be ready for editing (unless otherwise requested)
  • Participation in the community facebook group.
  • Personal support of other UrbanMommies community members

If you would like to join the UrbanMommies community, please fill out the form below!  We welcome parenting, lifestyle, craft/diy, humour, current event, fashion (for moms and kids) food and travel writers!

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Not quite ready to take the leap? A rising tide lifts all boats, and we love the community that has given influencers and mom bloggers such incredible success over the years. We’d love to help your own blog by having you publish with us regularly, but if you would simply like to test us out on a one-off basis we can facilitate that too! If you would like to submit a guest post, please click here for our guidelines.